Race Report: Pilipinas Akyathlon 2017

JC Igos got the impulse in joining the Pilipinas Akyathlon upon seeing the event in Facebook.  It’s a whole new level for him as it’s a skyrunning event and it’s located in one of the tallest peaks in the country, which is Mount Ugo. Operation Akyathlon Mount Ugo is among the highest peaks in the […]

New Year, New You, New Under Armour Gear

Under Armour helps bring in the New You with a Giveaway that can help you win full set of Gear.  Pledge a goal / challenge and share your game plan for a fitter New Year. Under Armour #IWill When it comes to trail running, we get to experience a lot of different condition. We deal […]

Pinoy Trails Story: Renson Emradura

Renson Emradura was among the 18K finishers at Pinoy Trails Sierra Trail Adventure Race 2016.  Renson finished the race with one leg and a crutch for the whole race.  The trail is for everybody and every time he is in the trails, he just proves that with the right mindset, anything is possible. Renson Emradura  […]

Rainy Day Tips on The Trail

The weather, be it sunny or rainy, is among the conditions we need to manage in the trail.  That’s the beauty of the trail, it can give you a whole new experience when conditions change.  We’ve collected some tips when you are running in the trails on a rainy day. Trail Running in the Rain […]

Trail Talk With Ahon

Ahon is a home grown brand. They have a strong presence in the local trail community and an emerging presence in international races.  They are a passionate bunch and they’ve come up with a series of Trail Talks.  Pinoy Trails is co-hosting Trail Talk with Ahon on November 30, 2016 at Maximus Athletes Shop Cafe, […]

R.O.X Great Outdoor Sale

R.O.X. is the home of most outdoor brands.  It’s the one stop shop for outdoor lovers whether you love to climb the mountains, ride your bike or even enjoy the waters.  Good news! R.O.X. is having the Great Outdoor Sale on September 16 to 25, 2016, which can reach up to 70% in discount. Recreational […]