Amihan Fastrak Running Vest

Amihan Fastrak Running Vest gives you flexibility and a lot of room to store the necessities.  It’s made of lightweight materials and can really power your trails and long runs. Amihan Fastrak Running Vest I’ve had several running vest and hydration bags and while they have served their usual purpose, I always kept wanting something […]

EyeCatcher Hi-Visibility Vests

If you run and race, you are always UP against any of these low-light and low-visibility scenarios, all of which will make so much sense to use EYECATCHER Vests and LED Identifiers: Unless you are preparing for an ultramarathon and doing heat-training, weather-wise and climate-wise, the best time for your training runs is either early […]

Ahon Gaiters

Just a little bit of debris in your shoes can really change the whole trail experience. Mud, sand, soil, leaves, rocks, twigs and other debris can really cause discomfort once they enter your shoes. Ahon Gaiters can really keep yourself protected on the trail. Ahon.PH Gaiters There is no doubt that trail running is getting […]