Cordillera Mountain Ultra 2018

Cordillera Mountain Ultra (CMU) is one of the more scenic trail ultras in the country. Runners  get to be visually enticed by Cordillera Mountain Range in full view.  The 24K category will showcase a high perspective of Agno River.  CMU is among the first to offer the lung-busting Vertical Race and the family friendly kids run.  Race date is on March 3-4, 2018 at Dalupirip, Itogon.

Cordillera Mountain Ultra 2018

Bucket-list race? Race-cation? Well, Cordillera Mountain Ultra 2018 might be the one for you.

  • It’s a scenic journey from Dalupirip to Mount Ugo for the main event which is the 50-Kilometer Distance with the Cordillera Mountain Range out there to literally take your breath away.
  • The 24-Kilometer Distance will provide various viewpoints of the the mountains and Agno River.
  • Short, Steep and Breathless, that’s how you’ll feel as you take on a 1000 meters of elevation in 5.5 Vertical Kilometers.
  • The 6-Kilometer kids race is your kid and family friendly fun that gets the whole family a better appreciation of the trails.

It’s all happening on March 3-4, 2018 at Dalupirip, Itogon.  Get to run on rolling trails, steep climbs, long descents, creeky hanging bridges, river trails and a variety of the different trail surfaces as you Keep it Wild and contribute to the cause of the environment.  Do prepare well as this one’s a tough man’s race with the high elevation (above 2000 meters), long, steep climbs, long distances between aid station, changing weather conditions, river crossings, challenging ridges and mountainsides.

Registration begins on October 23, 2017.

Race Details

Date and Venue

  • Date: March 3-4, 2018
  • Venue: Dalupirip, Itogon, Benguet
  • Race Kit Claiming:
    • Where: Dalupirip Covered Courts, Dalupirip, Itogon, Benguet
    • Time: March 2-3, 2018, 8am to 5pm
  • Race Start Area:  Dalupirip Covered Courts, Dalupirip, Itogon, Benguet
  • Assembly Time
    • Vertical KM: 5AM: March 3, 2018
    • CMU: 3:00AM: March 4, 2018
    • 24KM MOUNTAIN RUN: 5:00AM: March 4, 2018
    • KIDDIE TRAIL RUN: 6:00AM: March 4, 2018
  • Gun Start
    • VERTICAL KM: 6:00 am sharp/March 3, 2017 (Tabu, Dalupirip)
    • 50K CMU: 4:00am sharp/March 4, 2017
    • 24KM MOUNTAIN RUN: 5:30AM/March 4, 2017
    • KIDDIE TRAIL RUN: 6:30AM: March 4, 2017
  • Cut-off
    • 50K – 13 hours / 5 PM ; Intermediate Cutoff – Oling Village 1100m D+ – 4 hours / 8:00 AM
    • VK – 2 hours / 8 AM
    • 24K – 8 hours

Fees and Inclusions

  • Fees:
    • 50k Cordillera Mountain Ultra (Filipino registrants): PhP3500
    • 50k Cordillera Mountain Ultra (Non-Filipino registrants): USD$90
    • 24k Mountain Run: (Filipino Registrants):PhP2200
    • 24k Mountain Run: (Non- Filipino Registrants): $55
    • Vertical KM (Filipino registrants): PhP1300
    • Vertical KM (Non-Filipino registrants): USD$35
    • Kiddie Trail Run: (Filipino and Non-Filipino): P800
  • Inclusions
    • Race Kit, Finishers Shirt, and Medal
    • Post race meal
    • Trail Snacks at Aid Stations
    • Entrance fees to Mt. Ugo


  • Online via Cordillera Conservation Trust
  • Select join on your preferred category at Cordillera Conservation Trust Website
  • Pay the corresponding registration fee for the event that you will join:
    • Bank Deposit
      • Cordillera Conservation Trust inc.
      • Account Number: 005180173761
      • Banco De Oro , La Trinidad, Benguet
    • Pay Pal
      • PayPal charges an additional 3% for transaction fees.
  • Email the deposit slip with your name and chosen event to:
  • Email a duly accomplished medical certificate AND signed waiver from the registration form to the event organiser certifying that you are healthy enough to join the marathon or trail run. (WAIVER and MedCert)
    • For those making a bank deposit please complete your deposit within 48 hours of completion of the registration process in order to confirm your slot.
    • Registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable. Refund is not available in case of cancellation or postponement of the race due to fortuitous events or factors beyond the control of the race organizer.
    • You can also submit your Medical Certificates before claiming your race kits prior to the race.
    • No medical certificate no race kit.

Qualifications for 50 K Distance

  • Finished any 21km trail run or a longer distance.
  • Full road marathon 42kms Finisher
  • Ultra marathon Finisher
  • STRAVA data that you have run either a 21-30km trail run, a 42 and up km road run, or climbed 2000m in one run.

Mandatory Equipment

  • Fully-charged working mobile phone containing the number of the RD +639997278217. The mobile phone is required to be on at all times during the duration of the race. (They will also post signs where there is an available signal in the more remote sections of the course)
  • Headlamp and/or flashlight with battery power to last for at least 8 hours. Runners will not be allowed to continue unless this piece of gear is produced for their own safety.
  • Water carrier (bladder, hand-held bottles, etc.) with volume of at least 500ml for VK and 1,000ml for 50kms and 21kms.
  • Water cup – The aid stations will not provide water cups to protect the trail and you should not drink from the bottles! The crew will not to serve any drinks unless water cups are presented by runners.
  • Whistle
  • Rain Jacket
  • 1500-2000 calories of food for those running the 50k and 500 calories for VK.
  • At least PhP1000 pesos for emergency transport from Domolpos or Tinungdan via motorbike
    • Failure to provide any of the above equipment will be grounds for disqualification

Race Updates

Race Maps

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