Hoka Trail 101

Hoka Trail
Hoka Trail 101 – Photo by Active Pinas

Hoka Trail 101 was a short a trail talk and run combined last May 13, 2018 at the Yellow Trails at Camp John Hay.  The event was co-presented by Pinoy Trails, Active Pinas and Team Malaya and had about a hundred newbie and experienced runners having a fun time at the scenic Yellow Trails with on-site lectures on trail running.

Hoka Trail 101

Hoka Trail 101 – Photo by Ron Andres / Active Pinas

The trail is our playground and we’d want it to be yours too.  Trail Talk and Trail 101 series has been an ongoing series to promote the trails and trail running.  Hoka Trail 101 is the opening salvo to Hoka Trail Series The series also includes races sponsored by the Brand.  Trail 101 goes to the City of Pines, Baguio City with about a hundred participants of all ages and experience level.

For Hoka Trail 101, the event was co-organized and presented by Pinoy Trails, Active Pinas and Team Malaya. The event was supported by Hoka One One, John Hay Management Corporation, Amihan Sports Gear, Gu and Runnr. Hoka Trail 101 was free for all the participants.

Trail Talk

Trail Talk

The event opened with a pre-registration and groupings based on pace group of fast, moderate and walkers. This would be their group for the duration of the trail run.  Hoka Trail 101 started with the short talks on basic topics.  Franc of Pinoy Trails welcomed everybody and gave some introduction to trail running, trail gear and the developing for the passion for trail running.  He also emphasize the importance of having the right trail shoes like Hoka One One. It gives you the proper traction for safety and it also builds up on your confidence when you go through varying terrains.

Janine of Baguio Ploggers – Photo by Active Pinas

Don representing Amihan Sorts Gear, discussed the importance of proper nutrition and hydration during the race.  He also shared some safety tips and using the right trail running gear.  Janine of Baguio Ploggers gave an introduction on plogging as well as gave us the importance of keeping the trails and roads clean as the dirt can lead to clogging and floods.  Stephen of Team Malaya discussed proper trail etiquette including the Leave No Trace principle and proper overtaking and sharing of the trails.

Trail Run

The trail run started with the different pace groups hitting the trails.  The fast group was first on the trail followed by the moderate wave and lastly, the walkers.  This pace groups is also a way to recognize that the trail is for everybody with different experience and skill set. It was also nice to note that there were kids and senior members in the group.

The Route

The route started from the open field heading  to the lower part of the Yellow Trails.  It was muddy in the first few meters of the trails owing to the rains the previous day.  There were on site tips from the assigned pacers as well as the more experienced members in each group while running the trails.  The group stopped at certain points for on the spot lectures on how to deal with the trail condition.

The Tips

Uphells – Photo by Ron Andres / Active Pinas

One stop was the fork after the fire roads in the trails since there was a hill to demonstrate the climbing and descents in the area.  The short hill led to the rockies but it was a steep and technical area.  Different techniques were taught in climbing a hill like engaging your core by pushing of your knees and leaning forward.  After the short ascent, the participants tried going over a steep descent.

Time to Run – Photo by Ron Andres / Active Pinas

The participants also had to deal with a longer climb of about 500 meters with about 15-20% incline heading to the upper part of the Yellow Trails.  The fast and moderate waves went at a sustained effort on the climb. The walker wave divided the climbs with several short breather in between.  The faster waves got the chance to run on the upper part of the trail overlooking Itogon.  The walker wave had a shorter route heading back to the flatter and more relaxed terrain on the upper part of the trails.

Post Run

Hoka Grand Winner – Photo by Ron Andres / Active Pinas

After the run was a raffle for the participants with Hoka Shirts, Gu Energy Gels, Runnr Socks, 2 Amihan Aero Vest with a brand new Hoka Shoes as the grand prize.  It was a fun day at the trails for everyone. We’d love to see the participants develop a passion for trail running and the love for nature.

Trail in Photos

Wakanda!!! – Photo by Ron Andres / Active Pinas
The Trail is for kids too. – Photo by Ron Andres / Active Pinas
Walkers Wave – Photo by Ron Andres / Active Pinas
Single Tracks – Photo by Ron Andres / Active Pinas
Plogging – Photo by Ron Andres / Active Pinas
Post Event – Photo by Stephen Bahaghari
Baguio Ploggers – Photo by Stephen Bahaghari
Lecture Time – Photo by Stephen Bahaghari
Learning About Uphills and Downhills – Photo by Stephen Bahaghari
Moderate Wave – Photo by Stephen Bahaghari
The trail is our classroom – Photo by Stephen Bahaghari
Uphells – Photo by Stephen Bahaghari
USA – Photo by Ron Andres
Fun TImes – Photo by Ron Andres / Active Pinas
Kwentuhan – Photo by Ron Andres / Active Pinas
Play Times – Photo by Ron Andres / Active Pinas
The Trail is Our Playground – Photo by Ron Andres / Active Pinas
Hoka Trail Series – Photo by Ron Andres / Active Pinas
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