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Gu has been your reliable nutrition partner with their energy gels that keeps you going on the road and on the trails.  They also have added chews and stroopwafel to their product lines for more solid food and nutrition in take on your runs.

Gu Energy

Nutrition is always an added discipline in your training, runs and workouts.  It’s a simple cycle as we expand energy on our workouts, we need to replenish them to keep us at our energized the rest of the way.  Gu has been providing gels and other energy products to keep us hitting those athletic milestones.  Gu is also perfect for the trail playground as we toil for hours on the trail and exert so much effort on the climbs.  There’s a Gu Gel that matches the different needs we have on the trail.

  • Go for a fruity flavor to perk you up
  • Try out the gels with caffeine to spike up the heartbeat as you go
  • Then there’s the chocolatey flavors to give you a smile
  • Need to double up the energy, there’s Roctane
  • When you need more solid nutrition sources, try their wafel and chews.

Energy Gel

Looking for a source of electrolytes, carbohydrates, amino acids and caffeine, Gu Energy gels can provide that for you.  Consume as you start your runs and every 45 minutes thereafter.  You can actually experiment on the frequency you take gels as different people can expend different level of energy based on their effort during the race.  For longer trail runs, reserve your shot of caffeine on the latter part of the run when your energy reserves run low.


Need the same GU energy but you want added nutrients, go for a shot of Roctane  It helps reduce mental fatigue and muscle damage.  Roctane is a rich source of electrolytes, carbohydrates, amino acids and caffeine.  It helps power you faster and longer especially on the major races.


If you want the same Gu nutrients but in a more solid form, there’s energy chews for you.  It helps prevent bonking and replenishes your sodium reserves to maintain proper water balance.  The chews also keeps your jaws and mind occupied especially when you need to keep your self energized and awake.


Stroopwafel is a perfect companion for trail runners as you get a more solid and tasty nutrition source that’s easy to pack.  It can also fill your tummy as an added storage of energy.  It comes in two tasty flavor of salted caramel and salted chocolate. Stroopwafel is an excellent source of carbohydrate and electrolytes.

Gu Gels and Products are available at Runnr and Toby’s stores.

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