Race Report: Mount Sembrano Trail Challenge 2017

 Majo blazing the trails

Mount Sembrano Trail Challenge will shock you both from its beauty and its challenge.  The best things in life are those you work hard for.  It starts among the toughest 5 kilometers of steep and technical climbs but makes up for it with the view of the ridges.

Mount Sembrano Trail Challenge

There’s always a catch with those MGM Races.  There’s the views that you get to see on the teaser and yes, every inch of those attractions is just sheer and pure raw beauty of nature.  Well, it also comes with a caveat, that the best things in life are those we worked hard for.  You’ll get to experience every bit of those hard work as you navigate on steep and technical trails, which is a natural obstacle for both the 15K and the 32K category for Mount Sembrano Trail Challenge.   There’s a challenge in the event name for a reason.  The challenge is what keeps memorable, challenging and keep us coming back for more.

It’s a test of your perseverance, strength and even your sanity but once you see the light at the end of the forest, you’re gonna be mesmerized.  It’s a beautiful playground with overlooking mountain views.  When you proceed further in the route, it gets even better.  You’re running on long mountain ridges with both the mountains and Laguna de Bay in your line of sight.  The sheer beauty of the trails humbles you on so many ways and by the end of the trail you end up stronger and much more appreciative of the nature. Great job MGM production.

Mount Sembrano Trail Challenge in Pictures

Pictures says a thousand words louder and better. We’ve complied photos from Active Pinas Photographer Eva Marie Soquina, who also blogs at http://itsevamarie.blogspot.com/.

Majo flattening the trails as always.
The Masculados and the Trail Chick
Push Pa More.
Ngiting Mahinhin.
You wanna test my Kung Fu!!!
Mr. Ahon Himself
Hang Loose
May Isang Puno sa Gitna ng Kagubatan…
Ngiting Tagumpay
Ok na Ok!

How was your Mount Sembrano Trail Challenge 2017 experience.

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