About Pinoy Trails

Pinoy Trails is a site where trail runners, trekkers, hikers and advocates get a chance to share their trail stories and experiences. Let’s all share a piece of what we know and together we can encourage more people to enjoy nature and the outdoors. Together, let’s create the largest database of trails in the country and even beyond.

The journey has now started and together let’s build Pinoy Trails as a community site for trail lovers. The trail is our playground and that goes for everyone.  It’s for those who blitz the trails conquering their physical limits.  It’s for those who love nature and enjoy a good scenic hike.  It’s for those newbies mastering the art of moving in the variety of trail surfaces.  It’s for people outside looking inside the world of trail running saying, I could do that too.

Pinoy trails would be a community area for trail running for all walks of life, all fitness level and all age categories.  It’s our playground and the more we stay in the playground, the better we appreciate the sheer beauty of nature.

See you in the trails.

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