Trail Talk with ALTRA


“Wag puro ALTITUDE training, ATTITUDE training rin” – Master JLB

Trail Talk with Altra

TRAIL TALK (Trail Running 101) is an initiative event created by UPNR (UP Night Runners) in cooperation with Pinoy Trails. The talk is to stimulate real and live discussion of  trail athlete about key topics related to actual race experience serving as technique and guideline to aspiring Athlete.

On first Leg for month of October, it was sponsored by Altra Running PH headed by Ms. Jeanette Sasam and Micmic Flores together with some of the most successful and well-known experience Ultra trail runner in the Philippines. This is a free event but exclusively open to members of Pinoy Trails Community (Facebook Group) and UPNR Athletes.


Altra talks about Trail

The first edition of the Trail Talk tackled proper training, gear preparation, race day techniques and post-race tips. We got the best resource speakers for the trail topics. The October speakers are both certified hardcore Ultra Trail Marathoner who finished some of the most hardest trail races here in the Philippines and abroad. Both runners also are Altra Amabassador, Ms. Cheryl Bihag and Mr. Benedict Meneses.

The Trail Talk started with a briefing on Altra’s humble beginnings and why choose Altra Trail running shoes as you best partner in your next Adventure. Ms. Jeanette Sasam from Altra Running Philippines welcomed the participants of the event.

Altra Running PH also had a display of products including shoes, gaiter, socks and the likes. Participants also got the chance to wear, test and feel the wide toe box of Altra.

Trail Talk by Cheryl

The Unstoppable Ultra Trail Athlete and ALTRA Ambassador Ms. Cheryl J. Bihag was our first resource speaker.
Fresh from her successful journey of finishing 444 km Coast 2 Coast Race in Malaysia & 100 km TMBT Ultra Trail Marathon 2017 in Sabah. Cheryl flawlessly shared her amazing Trail Run training as ordinary employee who lived in the City. She imparted her knowledge and strategy, which is the Monday to Sunday training program she squeezes on her busy schedule. Cheryl also tackled Gear preparation toward race day. She discussed on packing trail foods and having a list of mandatory items. The Unstopabble Ultra Trail Athlete also gave a clear discussion of the topics and even shared her personal down time moments, and people who keep her motivated to love Trail running and moved on forward.

Trail Talk by Benedict

The second resource Speaker for Trail Talk was Mr. Benedict Meneses. He is a Project Manager, Race Director, Mountaineer, Altra Ambassador and an International Ultra Trail Athlete. He is currently holding the most number of buckle races (100 miles & above) finished in the Philippines – total of nineteen (19) buckles. A finisher of 2017 Borneo Ultra-Trail marathon 100k distance.

He discussed all his experience about the race day technique (proper application) and post-race tips to recover fast and avoid injury. Benedict emphasized the importance of sleep before race, sufficient liquid intakes, warming-up, gear test before actual race day, reviewing the race map, choice of solid gear, etc. It was a very interactive discussion since almost attendees knew and was familiar with the speakers so they can throw instant question to unfamiliar thing they tackle.

Trail Talk is Experience-sharing Ideas

It was a very really fresh approach on trail discussion because it was from actual experiences which you can’t get from books or the net. Everything presented was based on actual experiences by trail athletes in numerous trail event.

Quiz Show Winner
Awarding to Guest Speakers
UPNR together with Ms. Jeane and Micmic and some Trail Talk Attendees

October Trail Running 101 is presented by Pinoy Trails & UP Night Runners with special collaboration from Altra Running Philippines. The organizers wishes to thank you to all attendees for gracing the event and the guest speakers (Benedict Meneses and Cheryl Bihag) for imparting their knowledge and skills about Trail Running. We would also want to thank Maximus Athlete’s Shop Cafe, Snowbear, Glairold Recella Photography and Active Pinas for full photo coverage and Video.

See you again next Trail Talk on November.

Trail Talk Recap Video

Video was captured and edited by our Official Media Partner – Active Pinas. Thank you Joreb Valdez for amazing video event recap.

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