Amihan Fastrak Running Vest

Amihan Fastrak Running Vest gives you flexibility and a lot of room to store the necessities.  It’s made of lightweight materials and can really power your trails and long runs.

Amihan Fastrak Running Vest

Using my Amihan Running Vest at Miyamit Falls - 26K - Photo by Active Pinas
Using my Amihan Running Vest at Miyamit Falls – 26K – Photo by Active Pinas

I’ve had several running vest and hydration bags and while they have served their usual purpose, I always kept wanting something more.  Sometimes, you get a lot of capacity but you get fewer compartments for the other stuff. Sometimes, you get to have everything but it ends up too bulky.  Yet sometimes, you want that extra compartment to place your trekking poles.    Different trails / races has different requirement so you’ll have to choose on what you need.

Our first recon with Amihan Fastrak Running Vest

I got the best compromise when I got Amihan Fastrak Running Vest. It’s made of lightweight and breathable materials. It has 2 bottle compartments. It has a back compartment, mesh pockets in both the front and the back for added storage. The Amihan Fastrack Running Vest also has adjustable strap for a better and more comfortable feel.

Amihan Vest powered me to the top of Mount Paliparan.
Amihan Vest powered me to the top of Mount Paliparan.

First, let me tell you what I usually bring on trail runs.

  • Water bladder. I prefer ladders than bottles.
  • I also add one simple hydration bottle for my refillable water container.
  • I always bring a mobile phone for emergency and documentation purposes.
  • There will always be food (1-2 power bars, nuts and candies)
  • For races, I also bring energy gels.
  • I bring extra money too.
  • I use trekking poles for courses with long climbs
  • I also use rain jackets when required

That’s a lot right?  Of course, I can always go light on easier trails. On really long trails, that’s the maximum I bring.  The good thing is that I can fit all of that in the Amihan Fastrak Running Vest.

18K Route Recon for #STAR2016
18K Route Recon for #STAR2016

Let’s start fitting everything in the Amihan Vest.

  • The 1.5 litter bladder can fit in the back compartment.
  • Since I only use one extra bottle, I can use one of the bottle pockets for my phone and energy bars.  Just in case, I need to use both water bottle compartment, the other items can be placed at the back mesh pocket.
  • The simple hydration will go to the other bottle pocket.
  • The gels and the money can go to the front mesh pocket while the nuts and candies can go to the other mesh pockets.
  • The trekking pole can be stocked at the back compartment. Yes, it still fits even with the bladder.
  • The rain jacket can be placed at the back mesh pocket.

That’s everything all in the compact Amihan Fastrak Running Vest.  I can even use the front part of the chest track to tuck my pole in for faster access.

Amihan Fastrak Running Vest in Action

#STAR2016 Route Recon

Pinoy Trails #STAR2016 Route Recon
Pinoy Trails #STAR2016 Route Recon

The first time I was able to try out Amihan was during the Pinoy Trails Sierra Trail Adventure Race Route Recon.  I like that it’s compact and it’s really lightweight.  It was a long 18K trail that also had a long stretch of climbs on the warm weather.  Since it has adjustable chest strap, it fits me perfectly.  The fit is really important when it comes to hydration bagsor vest. When it’s too tight, it gets uncomfortable especially when your chest expands on the climbs.  When it’s too loose, it would add drag on the descents. I was able to fit everything and it didn’t felt like a bulky.

Mount Paliparan

Mount Paliparan
Mount Paliparan

Mount Paliparan was a technical climb as we went from one rock structure to another on cliffs and ravines.  While I brought my trekking poles, I had the poles at my vest so I can use my hands to pull myself from one structure to another.  That’s another thing I like with the vest, you can easily store and pull out your poles when the trail condition changes.  It also rained hard on the latter part of the climb.  With a lightweight and breathable material.  It didn’t make the bag heavy or dragging.

Miyamit Falls Trail Marathon

Miyamit Falls
Miyamit Falls

Miyamit Falls was a 26 kilometer climbing adventure for me with both the heat of the sun and the falling rain coming into play.  It was also required to have a race jacket and good thing that it fits just right at the back mesh pocket.  I’m glad that even with so many things on my bag, I still had the lightweight feel even on those endless climbs.  It also rained hard on the descent and thank God, I didn’t have to worry about the additional drag of a wet bag.  The mesh material is fast drying and also doesn’t accumulate water.

Amihan Amihan is a proud sponsor of Pinoy Trails #STAR2016 and they will be there at the event day.  What’s special about Amihan is that they are a home grown brand made by people passionate in trails and trekking. Amihan Fastrak Running Vest at P1,200 is available in stores.

Visit their Facebook page and Website to learn more about the product.

  • Facebook Page: Amihan Sports Gear
  • Website:
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