Amihan HAULER Running Vest

Amihan Hauler Running Vest provide you tractability, comfort and a lot of room to store the necessities.  It’s made of lightweight materials that truly designed for every athlete to go even Farther.

Amihan Hauler Running Vest 

AMIHAN Sports Gear is one of the leading local brand in manufacturing & producing export quality hydration bags, backpacks and outdoor bags that fits for every adventure-seeker people.

Introducing it’s new running vest called Amihan Hauler.

Fit to its name Hauler, with its 7 pockets at the back and 6 pockets in front running vest, carrying essentials during long runs and races now won’t be a hassle.

Image by: Glairold Recella

This vest can carry a 1.5-liter bladder (rear compartment) plus two 330ml pet bottles (front pockets). Accessible front pockets for nutritional needs such as gels and fluids, secured lash tabs for trekking poles, and spacious compartment at the back for essentials like cellular phone, headlamp, light poncho and first-aid kit are also additional useful features.

Image by: CAMC (Conquer Assault 50)

Security features include highly reflectorized strips at the front and back of the vest which are very visible at night. This vest has no hot spots for me so rubbing is not a fuss. It also dries fast, easily kissing off uncomfortable wet runs.


Most of the materials used in this gear are lightweight and flexible but definitely do not compromise the durability. During my test gear at the Conquer Assault 50k, my pack weighed around 2kgs++. All my essentials fitted snugly in zipped pockets and safely corded compartments making all your valuables secured and safe. Its new porous materials also added breath-ability effect on the upper part of the body making the user feel more comfortable.

Overall, this running vest can definitely outdo backbreaking long runs or any outdoorsy activity with its features that ensure efficiency, convenience and comfort.

Amihan Hauler Review by Jon Las Bruce


Comfort- 10/10

Durability- 8/10

Performance- 9/10

Design/Color- 7/10

Overall- 8.5/10 (recommended)

Trail Talk with AMIHAN

More tips and knowledge if you join me on my Trail Talk on Nov. 11 at Albert Hall. Visit FB event page: Trail Talk with Amihan and poster below.


Visit their Facebook page and Website to learn more about the product.

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