Mafate Mudfest

Mafate Mudfest takes you on a slip and slide trail adventure along the trails of Timberland Heights and San Mateo, Rizal on August 25, 2019. Have fun and get dirty with the 3K Kids, 8K, 16K and 24K distances along run-able trails, steep ascent, daredevil descents and gorgeous scenery. Mafate Mudfest August 25, 2019 is […]

Soleus Cross Country Challenge 4

Soleus Cross Country Challenge Returns on its 4th year with fresh new routes at Timberland Heights on July 14, 2019. It’s time to make your moment with feel-good trail run on a scenic backdrop with 10K, 21K and kids trail to enjoy and conquer. Soleus Cross Country Challenge Soleus Cross Country Challenge is back on […]

Hoka Shakeout Sessions at Timberland Heights

Trail Academy opens its trail calendar with Hoka Shakeout Session last May 12, 2019 with about 200 participants who got to feel the smooth rolling trails of Timberland Heights. Hoka Shakeout Session Hoka Shakeout Sessions opens the Trail Academy Calendar for 2019. Started exactly a year ago with Hoka Trail 101 in Camp John Hay, […]

Itogonia Trail Run 2019

Itogonia Trail Run 2019 brings back the Wild Country experience in a trails of Baguio and Itogon. Dare to explore and be challenged by the high-altitude and scenic Itogonia trails that comes in 42K and 32K distance for Experienced Runners and 16K, 8K and 3K for newbies on May 26, 2019 at Camp John Hay, […]

Speedgoat Challenger

Speedgoat Challenger brings you varying surfaces, terrains and scenic backdrops of Timberland Heights, San Mateo, Rizal on March 17, 2019 as you test your mettle on the trails. The event gives you a short but scenic 8K route, a moderately challenging 12K distance and a 21K for those who prefer the longer distances. Speedgoat Challenger […]