Brooks Mazama

Running the Maysawa Trails with Brooks Mazama

Mazama is the latest speed demon brought to you by Brooks.  It’s lightweight and snug-fit features gives you a better feel of the surface.  It’s fast and flashy. The Mazama would definitely make you blitz the trail.

Brooks Mazama

The key features of Brooks Mazama include the following.

  • Lightweight built at 0.3 oz and fast reactive cushioning
  • It has a sticky rubber outsole with directional lugs for uphill and downhill traction to have a more grippy traction.
  • The protective propulsion plate provides stable landing platform and gives added protection from hazards
  • The durable Bootie-like fit gives you a better feel of the surface for a faster reaction to the changing trail conditions.

We’ve taken these elements and tried the shoes in our very own Pinoy Trails Sierra Trail Adventure Race 2016 Race route. Let’s see how the lightweight feel performs in the Maysawa route.

It’s Designed for Speed

#STAR2016 would have long stretches of descents across a variety of trail surfaces. There’s the wide fire trails at the start.  It has a  stretch of paved and rough roads.  There are rocky and stony areas and there are a lot of mud. That’s a perfect test of speed and traction. At 9.3 oz, it’s definitely on the lighter side of the trail spectrum. It wasn’t heavy on the legs and each stride was made with ease.  While it’s low on cushioning, it does make up for it with the protective plate which adds stability in each foot strike.  This helps reduce impact on the legs and knees. The snug fit feature also gives a better feel and reaction on the various trail surfaces.

Multi-directional lugs for Better Traction

Mazama has multi-directional lugs.  It’ like having grip from all directions.  This helps a lot on the uphills and the downhills as you stay firmly on most surfaces even when you stop in the middle of the ascent or descent.  It can be effective on routine climbs though it can be challenge on technical surfaces.  At the lower part of Maysawa trails is a lot of muddy surfaces on Forest Trails.  The problem with muddy surfaces is that it accumulates mud, which negates the shoe traction. The same is true with the Mazama.  Mazama is able to shed of the mud faster with its rubber soles and can be easily washed off in the streams and rivers.

It did help me past the steep climb

Mesh Fabric lets Water Flow In and Out of the Shoes

You’ll definitely brave the mud and waters with Brooks Mazama partnered with DryMax Trail Socks

It’s always good to test a trail shoes on how it reacts to water or mud.  Some shoes let’s water in and stays longer inside the shoes,which becomes uncomfortable.  For Mazama, it lets water in and out in an instant. The mesh fabric also is quick drying so you’ll barely notice water in your shoes.    The other worry I did have was that it’s squeaky clean neon green look would be a thing of the past once it hits mud.  I was surprised that the mud covering the shoes got washed off easily from the shoes.  I was not afraid to hit water, I even washed it off on one of the water source.

Goodbye mud in an instant.

Snug Fit for Better Feel of the Surface

When it comes to fit. The Mazama has a compact design, which gives you a better feel of the road.  The soft mesh material doesn’t add stress to your feet since it adopts to the contours of your feet.  Some people would prefer a wider toe area with the feet usually expanding on longer courses.  I also personally prefer wider toe area for shoes but I just went on to get a half size bigger for more toe area.  The mesh material on the out sole is stretchable so it doesn’t feel too tight even on the latter part of the run.   It also has a shoelace pocket to reduce the risk of untied shoelaces.

Run Happy

Value For Money

The Mazama would be retailing within the P5,000 – P6,000 range so it’s mid-tier in terms of pricing.  This would be a great investment for beginners and experienced runners and it well served you well in a lot of trail surfaces and could really add some speed in your races.

Brooks Mazama

If you want to go light and pack some speed on the trails, go for Brooks Mazama.  It has enough support to lessen the impact of the foot strike. Of course, if you want to go for a more cushioned ride, there’s always a Brooks Cascadia. This can be your go to race shoes with sufficient traction for most trail surfaces.  Running is definitely happier with the Brooks Mazama.

Brooks is a key race partner for Sierra Trail Adventure Race happening on October 16, 2016.

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