Brooks Pure Grit and Mazama In Focus


Brooks have been bringing in trail shoe alternative that’s both reasonably priced and effective on trails.  Iron Iris gives her perspective about the Female Brooks line as tested on her trail runs.


Mazama is not Masama!

When it comes to Brooks, it’s among the more affordable trail brands in the market offering shoes that can be efficient and effective on trails.  Iron Iris (Iris Torculas) whose been blazing the trail for years now gives you a brief and concise feedback on the different women-specific Brooks trail shoes. Iris is among the most passionate trail runner in the community. She frequents the trail races and recons and is also a part of RaceYaya. Iris is also a part of PhilSky and Team Titans.

Brooks Mazama

Mazama testing the lahars of Mount Pinatubo at CM50 Recon Run. – Photo by Edmund Cura

Mazama is not “masama” at all! In fact, I think it is one of the best shoe I used on trails. I used the Brooks Mazama during the recon for the Clark – Miyamit (CM50) last year. I was actually amazed of its performance.

First, I like the flashy color of hot pink and gray, plus it has a lace pocket where you can hide the ribbon. The CM50 route is known for the notorious lahar section. The lahar can actually destroy, yes literally destroy, your shoes. As we passed by the lahar stretch during the recon, I was amazed because the shoe didn’t actually sink while we were running. It actually feels like it pushes your feet off the sand.

Mazama in Action – Photo by Daphne Codilla

Mazama also has rock plate so as not to hurt your feet so much when stepping on rocks. I also tried dipping the shoe on the water a couple of times and I was so glad of the drainage. I can rate the drainage a 5/5 because in just a few minutes, the shoe actually feels dry once again. It’s as if you didn’t pass through waters.

On the other hand, Mazama is actually slippery when used on really muddy terrain. The lugs eat the mud and actually stays on the shoes, though not as bad as the other shoes I tried. It gives you a good ground feel and is also durable.

All in all I rate this shoe 4/5.

Brooks Pure Grit 5

Brooks Pure Grit 5

One thing I noticed with Brooks PureGrit 5 is that the Nav Band is gone. The tongue is similar to the Brooks Neuro although it was softer. This is a big thumbs up for me because I didn’t get any wound or blister after using it. The cushioning and toe box is really comfortable for my feet and It still gives me a good feel off the ground. Like the Mazama, Pure Grit 5 has a rock plate. It helps a lot as I didn’t get to feel pain stepping on rocks.

Testing Pure Grit 5 at Mount Arayat. – Photo by Running Atom

Drainage doesn’t work as fast as the Mazama and lugs can also be slippery on mud.

All in all I rate this shoe 3/5.

Brooks Pure Grit 3

Brooks Pure Grit 3

Of all he family of the grits, Brooks Pure Grit 3 is the best for me. I like the color and the nav band is still there to keep your feet in place. What I like the most with Pure Grit 3 is the overall feel of the shoe. The cushioning and the ground feel is just right.

Brooks Pure Grit 3 in Action at Akyatlon Recon. – Photo by Kian Viscera

Pure Grit 3 is perfect for muddy terrain actually, if you will run CM50 you can interchange them in your drop bag with Mazama. Mazama is best for the lahar stretch and Pure Grit 3 for muddy part of the trail.

Drainage works well also compared to the Pure Grit 5 but Mazama has the best drainage system for the 3 shoes. The shoes is durable.  Pure Grit 3 has softer body and also is lighter compared to Pure Grit 5.

All in all I rate this shoe 4/5.

Brooks Running

Brooks can really provide you with several trail shoe alternative with price points between Php4,500 to P6,000. It can give you a performance shoes at a really reasonable price.  You’ll definitely Run Happy with Brooks.

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