Amihan HAULER Running Vest

Amihan Hauler Running Vest provide you tractability, comfort and a lot of room to store the necessities.  It’s made of lightweight materials that truly designed for every athlete to go even Farther. Amihan Hauler Running Vest  AMIHAN Sports Gear is one of the leading local brand in manufacturing & producing export quality hydration bags, backpacks and outdoor bags that […]

Brooks Pure Grit and Mazama In Focus

Brooks have been bringing in trail shoe alternative that’s both reasonably priced and effective on trails.  Iron Iris gives her perspective about the Female Brooks line as tested on her trail runs. Brooks When it comes to Brooks, it’s among the more affordable trail brands in the market offering shoes that can be efficient and […]

Brooks Mazama

Mazama is the latest speed demon brought to you by Brooks.  It’s lightweight and snug-fit features gives you a better feel of the surface.  It’s fast and flashy. The Mazama would definitely make you blitz the trail. Brooks Mazama The key features of Brooks Mazama include the following. Lightweight built at 0.3 oz and fast […]

Amihan Fastrak Running Vest

Amihan Fastrak Running Vest gives you flexibility and a lot of room to store the necessities.  It’s made of lightweight materials and can really power your trails and long runs. Amihan Fastrak Running Vest I’ve had several running vest and hydration bags and while they have served their usual purpose, I always kept wanting something […]

Ahon Gaiters

Just a little bit of debris in your shoes can really change the whole trail experience. Mud, sand, soil, leaves, rocks, twigs and other debris can really cause discomfort once they enter your shoes. Ahon Gaiters can really keep yourself protected on the trail. Ahon.PH Gaiters There is no doubt that trail running is getting […]

Ahon Socks

The trail is a totally different playground and having the right socks can make a different.  Even a tiny blister can be a big discomfort throughout the uneven and varying surfaces.  Ahon Trail Socks is designed for the rigors of trails made by the people who hit the trails regularly. Ahon Trail Socks It’s a […]