Race Report: Salomon Xtrail Run Pilipinas 2017

Trail Chick Maica Canuto shares her first time experience at running Salomon Xtrail Pilipinas and she did the 24 K category.  Maica is a runner from Team SMS and has been among our top finishers at last year’s Pinoy Trails STAR 2016 in the 8 K Category. Salomon Xtrail Pilipinas Run 2017 Never thought that […]

Race Report: Parawagan Uphill Run

“No Fixed Rope, No Bottled Oxygen, No Reg Fee! Just pure FUN!” Parawagan Uphill Run Last Sunday (July 16) was a very special day for Jon Las Bruce, who’s popularly known as “JLB” in the running community. He’s the man that started the voguish Payasso22oo session at UP Diliman. A humble Ultra trail marathoner who was very […]

Race Report: Lagalag Sundown Ecotrail Run

Lagalag Sundown Ecotrail Run was an exploration of the scenic trails of Timberland. That’s a lot of overlooking views from the bike trails and rich forested area on rolling terrains.  The afternoon run is also a unique feature of the race especially with the warm summer days. Lagalag Sundown Ecotrail Run Sundown races are as […]

Race Report: DBB Mountain Rockstar 2017

DBB Mountain Rockstar was an epic adventure.  It was a difficult trail that came with the rain, the sun, the unending elevation ascents and the technical descents.  The journey of a rockstar is never easy but it’s always worth the adventure. DBB Mountain Rockstar Stay a bit at the finish line after DBB Mountain Rockstar […]

Race Report: King of the Mountain (OST and FL)

King of the Mountain trail series have challenged trail runners into a step ladder journey in Mount Ugo via Kayapa, Nueva Viscaya.  The first leg had runners venturing the mountains on a half and full marathon via Mount Ugo Marathon.  The second leg is a 50 kilometer Old Spanish Trail and a 100 kilometer Four […]

Race Report: Cordillera Mountain Run (22k) 2017

The beautiful Cordillera Mountain Range gave Ultramarathoner Mike Famaranglas a reason to run despite his Achilles Tendonitis Injury.  With a Slower Pace, he got a better appreciation of the beauty of the Cordillera. Cordillera Mountain Ultra The Cordillera Mountain Ultra (CMU) is one of the prestigious ultra trail run events that I’ve been expecting and […]

Race Report: Bravehearts 2017

Bravehearts had a lot of highs,which took about 3.5 kilometers to reach.  It’s not called Bravehearts for nothing but it’s not only for the brave but it’s for those who appreciate the dirt, the views and the wonderful time spent with Nature. Bravehearts Blockbuster, that’s a short way of recapping Bravehearts. The race had about […]

Race Report: Pilipinas Akyathlon 2017

JC Igos got the impulse in joining the Pilipinas Akyathlon upon seeing the event in Facebook.  It’s a whole new level for him as it’s a skyrunning event and it’s located in one of the tallest peaks in the country, which is Mount Ugo. Operation Akyathlon Mount Ugo is among the highest peaks in the […]