Clark-Miyamit Ultra

CLARK-MIYAMIT FALLS TRAIL ULTRA is the finale race of the Clark Miyamit (CM50Ultra) Trail Race Series happening on November 27, 2016 at Clark.  The race is a physically demanding race with 60 kilometers and 50 miles (80 kilometers) categories.

CM50 Ultra

CLARK-MIYAMIT FALLS TRAIL ULTRA, known as the CM50 is the finale race of the Clark Miyamit (CM50Ultra) Trail Race Series. CM50 is happening on November 27, 2016 starting at the Clark Parade Grounds, Clark Freeport Zone, Philippines.

The race consists of two categories:60K and 50 miles.

  • The 60K Ultra Category is an ideal race to run your first trail ultramarathon with a 16 hours cut-off and total elevation gain of 2166m.
  • 50Mile Bad Ass Trail Race: Ideal for those who dare to be called Bad Ass as they pass the strict 18 hours cut-off imposed for the tough distance with 3120m of elevation.

The race will start at the Clark parade grounds will take runners to an out-and-back course on footpath connecting Clark to the scenic Miyamit Falls in Porac, Pampanga. The runners would go through gravel road, fire trails, dirt road, river and lahar crossings, single tracks and partly asphalt/concrete road. The trail is used primarily by Aetas to travel from their ancestral land, Clark and other neighboring areas.

Among the key stops would be:

  • Gate 14
  • Sacobia River
  • Puning Spa
  • Sitio Target
  • Sitio Ebus (Aeta community)
  • Pasig-Potrero River (river crossing)
  • Parallel dirt road along SCTEX
  • Crow Creek (Sapang Uwak)
  • Miyamit Falls
  • The peak (about 3kms to caldera of Mt. Pinatubo)

About CM50

Clark Mayamit race started in 2011 with only 50 plus participants with mere 14 finishers. This included a dreaded  10 kilometers of a hilly, remote and rugged terrain going to the peak which is near the caldera of Mt. Pinatubo that has challenged even the strongest of the 2011 challengers. It’s also know for its strict cut-off time. the survivors have rightfully earned the moniker “’Bad Ass”. The Race Director has kept the cut-off time strict and within international standard.

The scenic view and the challenge of earning the coveted title “Bad Ass” Trail Ultrarunner has attracted runners, ultrarunners and mountaineers to train and join the race. The race has helped to pave the way for the booming interest in trail ultrarunning in the Philippines. CM50 has been a home for passionate trail runners as some running groups are joining too as volunteers for the race.   From mere 50 plus racers, the participation has grown in numbers to more than 200 in 2013 and has consistently grown in numbers of both local and international delegation from then on.

This year’s edition is expected to be filled with superstar trail runners from neighboring Asian countries battling it out for the Asia Trail Master Championship. There were 18 countries represented last year and is expected to grow double this year.  Veteran runners are expected to be at the starting line again, mostly for their 4th or 5th time already.  Aspiring ultra marathoners will also test their mettle in the challenging course as a step ladder training for future trail events.  CM50Ultra is also accredited by the International Trail Running Association (ITRA) and is part of the Asia Trail Master Series. The race will also earn you 4 qualifying points for The North Face Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® (UTMB).


Race Details

Date and Venue:

  • Date: November 27, 2016
  • Venue: Clark Parade Grounds, Clark Freeport Zone, Philippines
  • Race Day
    • Race Briefing, Race Packet Claiming and Check-in: Saturday, 26 November 2016 at 10:30AM – 5PM
    • Pre-race Briefing: Saturday, 26 November 2015 2pm
    • Assembly Time: Saturday, 26 November 2016 at 10:30PM
    • Start Time:
      • 50 MILES – Sunday, November 27, 2016 at 1 am to 7pm
      • 60K – Sunday, November 27, 2016 at 1am to 5pm
    • Cut-off
      • 50 Miles – 18 Hours hours
      • 60K – 16 hours



  • Online via

The CM50 Race Organizers

  • The Race Director and Founder is Atty. Jon Lacanlale
    • Atty. Jon Lacanlale is a seasoned local and international trail runner who was able to finished most of the toughest ultramarathon in the world.
      • Trailwalker 100 (HK) in 2009
      • GNW100 (Australia) in 2010
      • UTMB (France) in 2011
      • Western States 100 (USA) in 2012
      • Hardcore 100 miles (Phils. 2013 & 2014 & 2015)
      • Bighorn 100 (USA) in 2013
      • TNF 100 Philippines 2008-2014 (except 2011)
      • UTHK in 2015
      • Translantau HK in 2015
      • Botak 100K
      • BDM160 (2011 first runner up)
      • BDM102, 2009-2012 (Champion and has set the new course record in 2012)
      • Four Lakes 100K (2013) and other races.
  • Organizer: Race Yaya.
    • Race Yaya is a team of seasoned runners who have professional expertise in the fields of marketing, finance, event management, information technology, race organization, among others.

Race Updates

  • INSTAGRAM: @cm50ultra
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