Compressport Forest Run 2016 Race Recap

The Compressport Forest Run is a trail running race through the La Mesa Nature Reserve forest grounds. It is one of the more spectacular and challenging terrain in Metro manila. The course not only test the runners physical and mental ability. It also leaves a smile on their faces when they cross the finish line with the refreshing green surrounding and cool fresh air. 

Compressport FOREST RUN


This is the first time that a trail marathon (42km) race was conducted inside the reserve. Compressport Forest RUn challenged all levels of runners along with the different race distance categories. La Mesa Nature Reserve gave the runners a really scenic appreciation of the massive forest reserve of La Mesa. The Compressport Forest Run 2016 was organized under Mr. Thumbie  Remigio of Team Adrenaline Multisport Group.

The Route

Chek running the trails of La Mesa Nature Reserve (Photo: Oliver Cavinta)

The event featured different kinds of Trail  like long steep climb and fast descents. It had the view of La Mesa Dam from Bangkalan station and an exciting single track showcasing the beautiful scenery of the La Mesa Nature Reserve (plus tall trees). This provided the runners with an unforgettable adventure.  

Photo highlights

We’ve gathered some of the best trail shot taken by Pinoy Trails photographer, Jose Ramizares.

  • 42k Women – Champion (Majo Liao), focused running the last 12km

  • 42K Champ Manolito running too fast for a clear shot.


  • Start them young

  • Certified TRAIL Chick! 

  • Trail running always more fun with FRIENDS

  • Hey Quads!

  • One of the youngest Trail finisher

  • HIGH life on trails

  • Why so serious?

  • Wacky!!!

  • Forever alone trail runner 😀

  • Team Snowbear Mamaws enjoyed group trail Run

  • Smiling to the Finish Line

  • 42k Women – 2nd Placer smiling on her sweet victory

  • Smile all the way from Nueva Vizcaya

  • Running the last 200 meters of Marathon like you just started

  • Trail Running is for all ages

  • Ayala Triads represent well on race


The Race Results

The Official race results already posted on event Facebook Page.


How was your Compressport Forest Run Experience?

Let us know how was your Compressport Forest Run Experience by commenting below or sharing your trail story at We’d love to hear from you.

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