Lagalag Sundown Trail Run

12K before Sundown
  • Date: May 14, 2016
  • Venue: Timberland Sports and Nature Club
  • Distance: 12K
  • Organizer: Lagalag

Lagalag Sundown Trail Run showcases the beautiful bike trails of Timberland. The trail was a roller coaster adventure with the higher part of the trail having an overlooking view of the city and the lower part showing the rich Forrest reserve of Timberland.

Lagalag Sundown Trail Run

Unplanned Race are FUN!!!

Sundown runs are a different kind of challenge from the usual morning and evening runs. You start at a warmer temperature and cools down a bit as the afternoon crosses into the night. Lagalag Sundown Trail Run is a unique offering as it’s an afternoon run and it happens at the very scenic Timberland Sports and Nature Club.  I needed my weekend trail mileage and this was a great chance to see Timberland so I joined the 12 kilometer distance.

Race Map and Elevation Profile

Race Map powered by Suunto Ambit 3 Sports
Elevation Profile Powered by Suunto Ambit 3 Sports.

The race starts at the Glades and goes to the yes or no trail for the first 4.5 kilometers, which was rolling and had several descents. It then goes over a steep ascent over the next 2 kilometer in the Forrest trails before going back to the rolling bike terrain until kilometer 8. The trail shifts back to an uphill course at Roxas loop for the next 2 kilometers. After a short descent, the climb resumes at the Nursery Trail en route to the finish line.

The Race

It was a fast start for everyone. – Photo by Jose Ramizares

It’s a last minuted decision for me join the run so I’m practically racing without a plan. That’s not usually my style since I usually take a look on the elevation profile to know where and when to push myself.  It would also be fun to go by feel.  The warmer temperature can be a challenge with a 3:30 pm gun start for those in the 12K category.


It feels like a dessert terrain – Photo by Jose Ramizares.

It was a fast start as we entered the dessert trails.  I joined the pack’s pace but slowed down a bit on the short climb entering the Yes or No trail.  It was single track dirt roads. This was the usual bike trails they use at Timberland. The first kilometer was an uphill climb so took this chance to slow down and allow my body to warm up.

Yes or No Trail

Running or dancing? — Photo by Jose Ramizares.

The route shifted to descents and short climbs while we were looping along the bike tracks. Since it was mostly descents, it was time to speed up on the trails.  The uneven dirt tracks was a bit of a challenge as it gets unpredictable where you land on the drops. The views were amazing as each trail corner had an overlooking view of the city and some would give you a view of the zigzag trails heading to the Forrest. I wish I should have done this part slower and had taken more photos of the views.

The warm weather made the run a lot more exhausting. I had to sip every now and then from my hydration bag to keep myself hydrated. Gravity was on my side on this part as it was mostly descents. The kid in me just took over as I went on to enjoy the fast descents. Forget that it was a bit steep and a bit dangerous but it was just fun running downhill.  We were literally eating dust as we had to go though the dirt roads.

Shifting to Forest Trails

Running on dirt roads – Photo by Jose Ramizares

The single tracks slowly shifted to Forrest trails after the first 4 kilometers. I may have been a bit fast on the descent as I felt exhausted already. Way to go Franc!!! Exhausting most of your energy reserve on the first 4 kilometers of a 12-kilometer race. I had to switch to a more conservative race strategy. I went on fast on the first half of the kilometer before walking the uphill portion. The Forrest trails were beautiful as it was covered by the trees and also had improvised wooden bridges.

Wooden Bridges – Photo by Rene Villarta

Climbing Time

The race started heading upwards starting at kilometer 4.5. I wanted to be consistent in my pace and to keep on moving. I went at brisk walk pace on the long climb, which lasted to about 2 kilometer as we shifted from the forest trails to the bike trails. The bike trails had as looping for the next 1.5 kilometers as we navigated back to the higher part of the bike trails.

Walking on some stretches.

The route then goes back to the climb over the next 2 kilometers at the Roxas Loop.  The climb was moderate so it was tolerable doing the climb non-stop. It helped that some areas were on paved single track roads. After the ascent, we started to descent to the Nursery Trail. Before shifting to the last trail, I saw a store and took a chance to drink an Ice Cold Coca Cola and it was really refreshing. It gave me the sugar-rush and energy to go over the last 2 kilometers.

2 More Kilometers

The beautiful trails – photo by Rene Villarta.

It was time to climb once again. I pulled all my remaining energy to have one final and consistent push towards the last long climb. I was able to go on without stopping except for the last water station about 700 meters to the finish line. I went on to run the final stretch and cross the finish line with a decent time. This was a really fast course. It was one of the more scenic and run-able trails I’ve ever visited.

One final push!!! – Photo by Jose Ramizares.
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