Name A Lie You Hear From Trail Runners

Trail Runners are a crazy bunch. Well, we love eating hills or even mountains for breakfast.  We run, hike, crawl endless kilometers on races.  Eventually, we have so much story to tell (and of a lot of lies to0).  Here’s some lies you hear from trail runners as compiled by Dennis Uy in the Facebook Group, Trail Running-Philippines (TRIP).

Trail Running-Philippines (TRIP)

Photo by Jefferson Chua

Trail Running-Philippines is the Facebook Group composed of trail runners in the country headed by Frontrunner EIC and race director Jonel Mendoza.  The wealth of experience and mileage of the group can probably take you several trips to the moon and back.  It composed of elite, experienced, passionate and newbie trail runners.  If you’re a trail runner, the group can really help you a lot.  Also, stay tuned when ever there are thread of topics posted as you’d get all sorts of answers that ranges from helpful to crazy to funny and a whole lot more.  Recently, they had a survey on lies you hear from trail runners.

Name A Lie You Hear From Trail Runners

Photo by Kat Faustino

So what are the top lies we here from trail runners.

  • Top on the list is the common lie of being hopeful that the finish line is nearby and nearby probably means about 3 more mountains.
  • This is followed by the idea of just taking it a slow pace or just meeting the cut-off but once the gun start is on, everybody goes at a blazing speed.
  • Up Next is the play on elevation, when flat and run-able probably means you’ll end up crawling on all fours.
  • Number 4 is often heard after a tough race that we often would say that this is our last race but end up signing for a new race the next day.
  • When it comes to preparation, we’d love to proclaim that we lack training even if you have all those weekend IG post on top of the mountains.
  • Also, don’t be deceived when trail runners say it’s a short route.  Short route trail runs are as rare as it can get.
  • When trail runners say they are injured, it’s can be true or not but either way, expect them to go all-out on the trail anyway.
  • Then there’s the creeping idea of just going for a DNF only to find them going for a strong finish.
  • Anytime you hear that a route is easy, it probably is not.  Expect the unexpected and trail condition can also change in an instant.
  • When trail runners say, they hate running. It’s just them probably whining out. Deep inside, they want to do more.

Well, there’s more really so you can check the full result below.  Also, you can join TRIP ( for the latest discussions and tips on anything and everything about trail running.

Here’s the Full Result on the Thread

  1. Malapit na/Konti na lang/jan lang/aabot kayo sa cut off 29
  2. Easy pace lang/LSD pace lang/to finish lang/chill lang 25
  3. Banayad/patag lang/rolling lang/flat lang/runnable 18
  4. Last ko na to/hindi na ako uulit 17
  5. Wala ako practice/kulang sa training/no mileage 16
  6. Maikli lang ruta/hapdi lang/mabilis lang tayo 7
  7. Injured ako/sakit tuhod ko 5
  8. Di ko na yata kaya, mag DNF na ako/wasak na ako 3
  9. Hindi maputik/hindi technical yung ruta/madali lang ruta 3
  10. I hate running 3
  11. Newbie lang ako/first time ko 3
  12. Puro downhill na after this 3
  13. Una na ako, gutom/sakit tiyan na kasi ako eh/pictureran ko kayo 3
  14. Isang hopia lang ako/wala na ko food eh 2
  15. Mag sinat ko/sira tiyan ko/acid reflux ako/LBM ako 2
  16. Naligaw ako eh/nawala ako 2
  17. Ok lang ako/you are doing great 2
  18. Short distance lang takbuhin ko/ayoko upgrade distance 2
  19. Wiwi lang ako (jejebs pala)/di ako nag jebs 2
  20. Dito ang daan 1
  21. Established na yung ruta 1
  22. Hindi ako competitive 1
  23. Mag training ako bukas 1
  24. Nahila lang ako eh/di ako prepared 1
  25. Naka sale kasi kaya binili ko na 1
  26. RD: 50k yung ruta (pero 56k pala) 1
  27. Single pa ako (JLB!) hehehe 1
  28. Walang mamaw sa race, puro newbie lang 1
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