Nuun is a Perfect Trail Hydration Partner

Nuun is the perfect hydration and nutrition partner for trail runners. Nuun comes in table form that when combined with water creates an electrolyte drink.  That helps a lot on remote trail runs and climbs.

Nuun Hydration

One of the more important cycles in our body is the electrolytes replacement in our system as we work out.  Most of the time, trail runners would spend hours on the trails and would be sweating so much from the efforts on the climbs and from the sun’s heat.  We sweat a lot. With low electrolytes in our system, we reduce the body’s ability to retain water in our system leading to dehydration and muscle failure.  We need to have a constant cycle of replacing those fluids and electrolytes in the process.

That’s where Nuun Hydration comes in. It’s as simple as 1, 2, and 3. Find a water source, add one tablet for every 16 oz of water, wait for a few minutes and you have your very own electrolyte drink.  It’s easier to find water than bottled electrolyte drinks, especially on remote trails.   Nuun also gives you more control on the level of electrolytes in your drink, if you feel its too strong, just add water,  You can also play with the tablets and the water level to get the mix you prefer.  Nuun also has a variety of flavors and you can even mix and match flavors to find the flavor you prefer.

Different Nuun for Different Days

It is not only designed for races and training, it’s also for your day to day with their different variants.

  • For the Active Lifestyle

Going for an out-of-town or out-of-the-country trail run or climb, just bring a tube with you and you’re all set.  Nuun Active is designed for electrolytes replenishment for your regular work outs.  You get packed electrolytes with low calories and sugar right at the palm of your hands. It will surely help you on your short work outs and even long runs.

  • For People on The Go

If you are catching a deadline, loaded with work or you just want to perform with a high level of Energy, Nuun Energy is the one for you. It has energy boosters in caffeine and Vitamin B to help you stay focused and strong on busy days. It’s a good drink to jump start your work out and a power up to get you past the tough days.

  • For Everyday Use

Fun fact for people who are active, our immune system is more vulnerable when we are peaking in our fitness level.  That’s one of the reason we should also have a regular dose of Vitamins.  Nuun All Day is your regular source of nutrients. It helps strengthen the immune system and protect us from common diseases.  It’s your everyday shield against bacteria.

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