Patzxch: The Mountain Marathoner


When we say anybody can finish a marathon, we mean anybody.  That includes, Patzxch, a Jack Russel Terrier, who is about a year and ten months at the time of the marathon.  Patzxch, braved the rain, the elevation and the marathon distance of the Mount Ugo Marathon last February 19, 2017.

Mount Ugo Marathon

Mount Ugo Marathon (MUM) is not a walk in the park when it comes to marathon.  It’s a mountain marathon that involves about 2,000 to 3,000 meters of elevation gain.  MUM is among the tougher marathon out there with the Mount Ugo Peak at 2,170 meters above sea level.  The race is not clustered with the King of the Mountain Trail Series for nothing.  The race also came with a rainy weather and a muddy surface that increased the difficulty even more.


In Action – Photo by Edmund Cura

Patzxch is a Jack Russel Terrier, which is among the most energetic breeds and rely on high level of exercise of stimulation.  I guess a 42 kilometer race with thousands of meters of elevation gain falls on that level.  She has been actively climbing mountains alongside with her owner Tin Ferrera. This has help her build up the climbing threshold and endurance over that period.  Mount Ugo Marathon was big test.

The rain can change the character of a trail in an instant.  Mount Ugo became extra challenging on race day with frequent rains happening on and before the race.   The Mount Ugo course consist of long run-able ridges and endless climbs.  The climb to the summit is really steep and can really be a challenge.  Of course, you’re treated with unlimited view of the ridges, the mountains and the forested trails. Well, She also got past those muddy, slippery trail en route to her first mountain marathon.   Yes, she beat the stringent cutoff of 10 hours too.

And Patzxch looks to be ready for more even after the race. – Photo by Marupok.

Three dog biscuits for Patzxch!!! I guess it’s also high time to challenge you and your pet to hit the road and the trails and follow her the paw steps.  Now, if your dog is starting to get lazy, just tell them the story of Patzxch, the mountain marathoner.

The parents are really proud of Patzxch. – Photo by Oel Abalos

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