Pinoy Trails Story: Renson Emradura

Renson Emradura was among the 18K finishers at Pinoy Trails Sierra Trail Adventure Race 2016.  Renson finished the race with one leg and a crutch for the whole race.  The trail is for everybody and every time he is in the trails, he just proves that with the right mindset, anything is possible.

Renson Emradura 

Renson at Mount Sembrano Trail Challenge – Photo by Jose Ramizarez

It was in Mount Sembrano Trail Challenge that we first witnessed the determination of Renson. Running with one leg and aided by a crutch, he breezed through the 15 kilometer distance of Mount Sembrano.  To all those who have tried to scale the mountain, Mount Sembrano is among the tougher routes with the first 5 kilometers being on steep, technical and long uphill stretch.  Even with a handicap, he is a driven runner.  He wants to show that the sports is for everybody even those with handicap.

Going Ultra

Renson finishing the 50 km ultra distance at Cardimax Clark Ultramarathon – Photo from Clark Cardimax Facebook page

Renson started joining runs in 2013 and he has gone a long way.  He was even able to finish the 50 kilometer distance of the Cardimax Clark Ultramarathon last September.  It was a big jump for him despite not much build up on the different distances. In the end, his desire brought him to the finish line. 

There’s a different challenge every time he runs. His most challenging run was one held at Taal Volcano.  He didn’t expect to run on the sands which resulted to his crutches sinking in the sand every time he moves.

Renson finds fulfillment in running and he doesn’t want his handicap to limit what he can do so he finds ways to make it work. He barely has time to train because he also works at for the Public Assistance Office of the Municipality of Saraiya, Quezon.  More than anything else, he runs to inspire people.

Renson at Pinoy Trails Sierra Trail Adventure Race

Renson finishing the 18K Distance at Sierra Trail Adventure Race

Of course, we also wanted to know how he felt running Pinoy Trails Sierra Trail Adventure Race.  He actually love our route because of the many challenges in the race.  Racing 18 kilometers, he had to adopt to the different surfaces and terrains in Tanay, Rizal.  On the slippery parts of the trail, he goes taking uneven steps to get more balance.  He breezed and enjoyed the long descent in Sitio Mysawa and it felt light for him.  It was also his first time to encounter so many river crossings but he never gave up and was able to surpass that stretch.

Renson during the river crossings – Photo by Del Villanueva

The race got more challenging as he had lack of sleep before the race.  He has surpassed so many climbs and that now includes the long 5 kilometer climb from Laiban to the Main Road.  It is always a happy time at the finish line for him because it solidifies all his hard work.  Participants also gave him a strong round of applause in the venue after finishing the race.   Special thanks to Jeff Santiago of Amihan for helping him join the event.

STAR Hottie 2016

Renson was also voted as the STAR Hottie among the participants.  He is an inspiration for people with handicap and those who are not.  What special with Renson is his heart.  He never lets his handicap stop him and he never gives up on a race.  He’s also eternally grateful for organizers who sponsor his runs and allows him to join their races.

” Hindi naman natin kelangan maging mabilis, kailangan lang natin patunayan sa sarili natin na kaya nating tapusin. ” – Renson

You made believers out of us Renson.  In behalf of the Pinoy Trails STAR Team, we’d like to thank you for making our event more special by inspiring more people to enjoy the trails.  You just proved that the trails is for everybody.

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