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Just a little bit of debris in your shoes can really change the whole trail experience. Mud, sand, soil, leaves, rocks, twigs and other debris can really cause discomfort once they enter your shoes. Ahon Gaiters can really keep yourself protected on the trail.

Ahon.PH Gaiters

Wearing my Ahon.Ph at TNF 100

There is no doubt that trail running is getting more popular now.   Trails and treks can give you a lot of wonderful views that you get to enjoy at a more comfortable pace.  It’s a different set of challenges as the raw trails may vary in terms of surface, terrain, elevation and technical difficulty.  There’s all the debris from mud, sand, soil, leaves, rocks, twigs and others when you enter the trail. Once it gets in your shoes, it becomes a discomfort or even cause blisters.

This is where Gaters come into the picture. Gaters protect you from the different debris that can enter your shoes as every little bit of discomfort is magnified when you run. Each stride becomes a lot more difficult and just imagine when you’re in the middle of a long trail and you’ll have to bear with the pain or worst not finish the trail.

Ahon at Nuvali Trails

The trails can provide you with all the different surfaces and terrains that will challenge you.

I was able to try out Ahon in two of my races in Nuvali.  Nuvali has the friendliest trails but it also has muddy paths, single track trails, stoney areas, rivers, rough roads, grass lands and some peaks and inclines to challenge you. It minimized the dusts and debris from entering my shoes. It’s light on the feet and you’ll barely notice wearing it. It does not disrupt your running form since it’s constructed from breathable and elastic materials.

Ahon.PH kept me focus and the running and not on dealing with foreign debris in my shoes. – Photo by Joma Sison

Ahon on a Stormy Race at Mount Marami

Ahon Gaiters helped me survived a stormy race in Mount Marami.

The bigger test for the Ahon Gaiters was getting me past the harsh trail condition during a 21K race at Mount Marami.  There was a storm during the race so there was mud all around the place.  I had to cross several rivers and puddles of water too.   After the river crossing, everybody was cleaning their shoes but I didn’t have to as the Gaters prevented any debris from entering my shoes.

Getting Down and Dirty with Ahon Gaters

I really appreciate how Gaters can protect your feet from the different debris on trails.  I know how it feels to be running with discomfort.  I’ve had blisters too and that takes time to heal too.  I get small from small rocks entering my shoes.

I don’t have to worry much about this inconveniences.  I don’t have to stop to clean my inner shoes. I don’t have to deal with post run blisters, cuts or wounds.  I can just focus on the run or enjoying the views.  You can get down and dirty and secure the comfort inside your shoes. It’s a small investment for better trail running pleasure. Ahon is a local brand that is founded by people who are passionate with the trails and the mountains. They use quality materials because they know how it feels to encounter the different discomforts on the trails.

They also have great design for gaters.

The Gaters

TradVista Gaters

They also have catchy designs. I have the Tradvista Gaters which is the one and grey combination that can match any of your trail running outfit. The Tradvista is short for Traditional Visayan Tatoo and highlights our hometown heritage. They use lines and patterns and added some colors to be stand out better.

Kikay Gaters

The Kikay Gaters can really stand out with its yes, Kikay Colors. It’s perfect for girls who love color of Pink and even guys who love the flashy look of the colorway.

Baybayin Gaters

Baybayin which is our forefathers’ alphabet has an elegant black colorway with scribbles of the Baybayin Alphabet. It highlights a piece of our culture and tradition with this colorway.


  • 1 pair = 900 Pesos
  • 2 pairs = 1,700 Pesos
  • 3 pairs = 2,500 Pesos

How to Order:

Grab one now.
  • Ordering Process:

    • Choose your gaters (TradVista, Kikay or Baybayin)
    • Choose your size
      • Small-Medium (men’s shoe sizes US 5-9 / women’s US 6.5-10.5)
      • Medium-Large (men’s shoe sizes US 9-13 / women’s US 10.5-15)
      • Please note that if you are in between sizes, choose Small-Medium
    • Email them at ahon.ph@gmail.com
      • State which of the designs you are ordering and corresponding size and quantity.
      • They will reply with the exact amount of your purchase and their bank details.
    • Deposit amount to our BDO or BPI account.
    • Write your name and order on the deposit slip. Take a photo of the deposit slip and send it to ahon.ph@gmail.com. Be sure to reply on your previous email thread. Also, indicate your mailing address.
    • Once confirmed, They will send it to your indicated address via Xend. Cutoff for shipping will be 12 noon of the day you sent your deposit slip.

Happy Trails! There will be more designs coming soon.

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