Race Report: DBB Mountain Rockstar 2017

Rockstar converged at Mount Batolusong

DBB Mountain Rockstar was an epic adventure.  It was a difficult trail that came with the rain, the sun, the unending elevation ascents and the technical descents.  The journey of a rockstar is never easy but it’s always worth the adventure.

DBB Mountain Rockstar

Trail Love

Stay a bit at the finish line after DBB Mountain Rockstar and you’ll get a boat loads of stories.  It was not easy. The ascent were endless. There were technical descents. The rain made the trails a lot more challenging.  The scorching sun was an energy drainer.  Despite those hardship, the trail was an epic adventure. At whatever distance, finished or not finished, it came with a challenge and that’s what trail running is all about.

The views were amazing.  The finish was satisfying and it’s always nice to meet people who share the same passion.  The 80 kilometer distance had only two finishers.  The 50 kilometer distance also had its share of DNFs.  The 25 kilometer distance felt endless too.  The 12 kilometer distance also was a short but challenging route.  That’s the ingredients of a DBB race.  It’s not easy but it’s tolerable.  Come to think of it, it’s the difficult ones that we remember the most and we’re sure a lot have added DBB Mountain Rockstar to their “I shall return.” race.

We know there are a lot of stories from all the participants so we’d rather let the pictures taken by Pinoy Trails and Runnning Photographer Jose Ramizares during the Race.

DBB Mountain Rockstar in Photos

Umbrellas for recommended gear
Always a pleasure watching Majo blitz the trails.
Katawan… Katawan.., Katawan…
Happy Trail Runner
Noy leading the 25K Pack
Downhill Fun.
Lucky Jackie
Let’s Go!
Why so Serious?
Team Heya
All covered up.
Suffering together

How was your DBB Mountain Rockstar experience? Feel free to share them to Pinoy Trails. See you in the Trails.

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