Race Report: Rizal Mountain Run 2017

Rizal Mountain Run – Mission Accomplished!!!

The Rizal trails has been the playground of elite and passionate trail runners.  So, if there’s a race on this ground, it’s definitely a challenging one. Hundreds of runners got challenged on the long uphill climbs, the steep suicide drops and the rough rolling terrain for Rizal Mountain Run 2017.

Rizal Mountain Run

With Trail Royalty Majo Liao

Rizal Mountain Run (RMR) is a run by the Baboy Ramo Gang, which is composed of the country’s elite and passionate trail runners.  It’s a race for trail runners by trail runners.  We’ve seen them hit the podium.  They often blaze the trail. At Rizal Mountain Run, they were the drill master as they took us on their very own playground. RMR offers 3 categories (15, 30 and 50 kilometers).

The playground is the Pintong Bukawe, San Mateo and Montalban trails. The route took runners to the remote villages of Sitio Malasya, and Barangay Puray, Montalban, Rizal and up Mt. Parawagan.  When you have an experienced set of runners in charge of the race, you can expect two things. One, you’ll be surely taken cared off with proper hydration and support.  Number Two, It’s gonna be a challenging one.  It was indeed a challenge for the runners as they went over a course that had steep drops, long uphill climbs, rolling trails and a lot of mountain climbing.

RMR was a race for runners to enjoy the scenic views of Rizal and a forum to challenge themselves as they race against time, elevation and the heat to cap of another epic race.  Everybody wins in the end.

We’ve compiled some Finish Line photos coming from Pinoy Trails guest photographer Aquiz Minlay.  More photos will be posted at Pinoy Trails Facebook Page.

Photo Highlights

I believe I can fly
I Believe I can fly… higher
Let’s do the Cha Cha
Finishing Strong
Finishing Together
Man vs Bike
Man vs Taxi
The Victory Pose
STAR Shirt Sighting
For The Win
Finish Line Approaching
Let’s Rock
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