Race Report: Salomon Xtrail Run Pilipinas 2017

Salomon Xtrail Run Pilipinas 2017

Trail Chick Maica Canuto shares her first time experience at running Salomon Xtrail Pilipinas and she did the 24 K category.  Maica is a runner from Team SMS and has been among our top finishers at last year’s Pinoy Trails STAR 2016 in the 8 K Category.

Salomon Xtrail Pilipinas Run 2017

Never thought that I would join this year’s Salomon Xtrail. Nahila lang po ako ng isang kaibigan then taaadaaah! Registered na pala ako a week before ng race. Haha. Lol

At first, I was very hesitant. 24K, kaya ko ba? Knowing that I haven’t ran a long distance run before even in roads and this is my 2nd trail race, kaya ko ba talaga?

In short, I HAD NO TRAINING! How can I train in a week? Plus I have been a sick days before the race, so paano na? Good thing, weekend before the race, I climbed Mt. Isarog in Bicol. I think that helped because at least my muscles got stretched. Wohoo!

I had these hesitations and doubts! But yeah, andito na ako eh. I just need to rest to regain strength and gumaling. Walang hindi kakayanin ang pusong lumalaban.

The Preparations

Preparations: I did some research on the venue, I got some rest and lots of food, got some positive energy and full determination na kaya ko despite my condition.

On the day of the race, I am a bit nervous yet excited because I don’t know what’s in store for me and for us. Still my Team, SMS and SMC, went early on the venue because of the early gun start. The day, at 2am, started well then we reached the venue.

The Race

The hype was there, the venue was great, I really love nature! Then the race started. I got my whistle, hydration pack with minimal trail food then off we go! Chill first 2km road run, pero feeling ko napagod na ako! Hahaha. But the moment we went into the woods, into the forest, I got to enjoy the trail. Nawala pagod ko! These are the kinds of trails I wish to run always. I got to enjoy nature and running AND a sort of hiking at the same time!

The trail was muddy and slippery with lots of river crossing and steep descent and ascent. That was a very challenging trail indeed but I got to enjoy it really. Very challenging to the point that you have to push yourself a little more to finish the race. You need to have that positive vibes to keep going! And naniniwala ako na you have to share a simple “Good morning” with a smile to your fellow runners. (baka malay mo may pinagdadaanan na sila at susuko na, sa greeting mo, ganahan sila and biglang lumakas!) lol J

The Challenges

I have been experiencing muscle pains and back pains at 12KM, my shoes and socks are wet and minimal water is available but we got to push forward. It is indeed a very long run but yes, finished it! And take note, 24K trail run at that.

Actually, time ang kalaban namin eh. I still hoped until the second we reached the finish line that we will receive a medal and hit the cut off time, but we didn’t! Hindi talaga ako nawalan ng pag-asa! Hahaha. Still, it’s ok. It was a very rewarding experience especially for me that I am new to long distance runs.

The Learning

I just realized that training is indeed needed. Consistent trainings. Also, I should not compete with other runners, I have to compete with myself because we have to strive to be better.

Just enjoy the trails because the trails could give you experiences that you can’t get in your daily life. You got to learn to detach and be with nature. J

Message of Appreciation

Team SMS

Thanks to Samahang Mananakbo ng SMART and SMART Mountaineering Club for taking part in the event. We had a great time and good company during the whole event! Congrats to us and cheers to more trail runs.


Trail Chick Maica J

Trail Chick Maica
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