R.U.N. 2 ME 2017

Get to know the one and only “Haring Maharot” in the running community while enjoying the simple celebration together with your co-runners on September 3, 2017 at Sitio Wawa, San Rafael, Rodriguez, Rizal.

R.U.N. 2 ME

After an incredibly successful birthday run last year, Haring Maharot is back again for another Trail Run adventure! September is his birthday month and through his commitment to the running community, Lao Ogerio is organizing a birthday run.

Newbies, hardcore, road and trail runners are invited to conquer the friendly, well-established yet challenging trails of Sitio Wawa, Montalban Rizal this September 03, 2017. It’s gonna be another uphill and downhill adventure.  The event is composed of two (2) categories, 21km and 10km. This race kit includes finisher’s shirt, finisher’s medal, and certificates for top finishers and post race meal after the run.

Get to know the one and only “Maharot” in the running community while enjoying the simple celebration together with your co-runners.

“Are You In to Me?”
Join me on R.U.N. 2 ME Year 3!
– Master Lao

Race Details

Date and Venue:

  • Date: September 03, 2017 (Sunday)
  • Venue: Sitio Wawa, San Rafael, Rodriguez, Rizal
  • Distance: 21k Mountain Run & 10k Uphill Challenge
  • Gun Start
    • 21k – 5:00 AM
    • 10K – 5:30 AM

      Distance, Fees and Inclusions

      • Distance and Fees

        • 21K –  P1,000
        • 10k – P650
      • Inclusions

        • A. 21k Mountain Run
          Finisher’s shirt, finisher’s medal, Certificate (top finishers) and post race meal
          Cut-off: 6 hours
        • B. 10k Uphill Challenge
          Finisher’s shirt, finisher’s medal, Certificate (top finishers) and post race meal
          Cut-off: 4 hours

Course Description

  • 10K – Course will start from Wawa Elementary School and go to the not so run-able ascent of famous Acacia Tree area to uphill part which is gateway of Mt. Parawagan. The trail consist of dirt roads, concrete area & rocky part. The course goes downhill on the return to Finish line.
  • 21K – Course goes through a stretch of dirt roads, muddy, grassy and a run-able descent. The trail leads to the main trail route that would pass through streams of water, mountain view deck and steep climb to get a view of the mountain range. There is a long run-able descent across the infamous Joey’s peak sari-sari store which is surrounded by the mountains heading to Sitio Casile. This is an out-and-back race route.


  • Onsite: Every Tuesday & Thursday @ UP Science Complex, Amphitheater. Look for Avhic Gado and Jose Ramizares, Tuesday and Thursday  from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm only. Please send text msg. before going to UP at ff.: 0917 823 7885 | 0936 807 3951.
  • Bank Deposit: Payment thru Bank Deposit
  • Bank: Banco De Oro (Savings)
    Account Number: 0073-402-807-20
    Account Name: Laurencio A. Ogerio
  • Bank: BPI (Saving)
    Account Number: 2569178935
    Account Name: Maria Vicenta Gado
  • NOTE:
    Send your deposit slip via email at run2me2017@gmail.com OR send the deposit slip to our Official Facebook Page – “Run 2 Me” together with the following details:Subject: RUN 2 ME 2017 
    Name: [First Name Middle Initial Last Name]
    Contact Number:
    Shirt Size: (see Shirt Chart below)
  • REGISTRATION PERIOD: JULY 14, 2017 to AUGUST 18, 2017 only
    **For more information, you may contact 0917 823 7885 and 0936 807 3951 or email us at run2me2017@gmail.com
  • Kit Claiming:  Bib release start around 3:30 am at Wawa Elementary School. Please come early.

Finisher Shirt Design

Race Maps

21K: Wawa to Parawagan to Casile to Wawa

10K: Wawa to Parawagan to Wawa

Race Course Elevation

The Strava data presented here are based on actual course recon by the recon team last July 16 and 20, 2017. Please check carefully for your guidance. Evaluate yourself to choose race category depending on your training and fitness level.

Route preview

Instagram: @chipsdayrit

10k U-Turn | Mt. Parawagan Summit | Instagram: @joseramizares

uphill part going to Parawagan Summit | Instagram: @chipsdayrit

21k U-Turn | Mapua bridge | Instagram: @joseramizares

Rules and Regulation

All participants are required to follow RUN 2 ME 2017 Rules and Regulations. Violations will be subjected to time penalty or disqualification at the sole discretion of the Race Committee.

  • No Pacing/Muling: Non-­participants may not accompany registered runners (on foot or otherwise) along the course.
  • Do not litter on the course. This will result in disqualification.
  • The race route will be marked by ribbons and race marshals at certain critical point & U-Turn area. Runners must exercise utmost caution in all sections of the race course and be aware of their surroundings at all times.
  • Slow runners must yield the trail to others wishing to pass.
  • Taking of “selfies” / group pictures all you want provided you won’t impede runners at the back wishing to pass and finish before cut-off time.
  • If you come across an injured fellow runner, please stay with that person until you reach an aid station.
  • No short-­cutting.
  • Runners may not store supplies of any kind along the trail. Your shoes, clothing, and nutrition/hydration/emergency supplies, carried on your body are all that you should bring on your run to ensure competition fairness, your safety and that of other runners.
  • Poles are allowed & recommended.
  • Headphones ARE permitted, but NOT RECOMMENDED. If you must, please do so at volume that allows you to remain aware of your surroundings at ALL TIMES. We request that you only run with one ear bud in but if you chose to run with both in you MUST have the volume low enough so that you can hear other runners, hikers, and any potential wildlife.
  • Runners may not receive assistance outside of designated Aid Stations by anyone other than another registered active runner. This standard is enforced for fairness to all runners. Runners do not need to have a crew. You are allowed to receive assistance from a crew within aid station boundaries so long as your crew does not impede other runners or race staff.
  • Dropping Out (DNF/Did Not Finish): If you find it necessary to “DNF” the race, you must do so at an aid station when you reach the Acacia Tree area (for 21k runners). Notify the aid station marshal and have the marshal remove your bib number. If you feel you cannot get to the nearest aid station, stay on the trail, call the assistance of other runner and find the sweeper to assist you. Do not leave the course without notifying an aid station marshal or sweeper.
  • Mandatory Drop Out: Medical staff and aid station captains have the authority to pull a runner from the event should they deem it unsafe for the runner to continue. The runner must comply with this decision.
  • Rain or shine, the race will proceed (except if there’s a Typhoon)

Transportation to Wawa


  • There are lines of FX/Shuttle to Eastwood, Montalban at Cubao.- Below the stairs of MRT, in front of Farmers Plaza.- In front of Jollibee Farmers Plaza.- At Aurora Boulevard, in front of Gateway Mall.Travel Time: 1hr 45mins

    Fare: P45 per person

  • There are also FX/Shuttle passing in front of Robinsons East.Travel Time: 1hr 15minsFare: P35 per person


An alternative is to take the jeepney from Cubao/Philcoa/Robinson’s East then ride a tricycle or wait for a jeepney to Wawa Dam.

  • There’s a line of jeepneys to Wawa, Montalban at the parking lot of Jollibee Philcoa. Their route is via Batasan. Travel Time: 1hr 30mins.(Fare to be researched)
  • There’s a line of jeepneys to Wawa, Montalban in front of Jollibee Cubao. Their route is via Batasan.Travel Time: 1hr 45mins.Fare is P35 per person.
  • There are jeepneys to Wawa, Montalban that passes at Aurora Boulevard in front of Gateway Mall. Their route is via Marikina.Travel Time: 2hrs.Fare is 35 per person.
  • There are jeepneys to Wawa, Montalban that passes at Marcos Highway, in front of Robinson’s East.Travel Time: 1hr 30mins.Fare is P26 per person.
  • Jeepney from Cubao are available 24 hours. But the frequency becomes low after 10PM to 5AM.
  • Jeepneys with the route Kasiglahan to Wawa Dam are available from 5AM to 8PM.
  • Tricycles at Wawa Dam are available 24 hours. Usually the fare is P8 per person (one-way), but when they know that you are new to the place or a tourist they raise the price to P15 per person (one-way). If you’re tired of waiting you can hire the whole tricycle for P50 per tricycle (one-way).

Race Updates

  • Facebook Event Page: RUN 2 ME 2017
  • Facebook Page: R.U.N 2 ME
  • Email: run2me2017@gmail.com
  • Mobile Number: 0917 823 7885 | 0936 807 3951 (Race Committee: Avhic Gado / Jose Ramizares)


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