On Running Hits The Philippine Trails

On Running gives you the run on clouds experience on the trails.  The cloud pods that has made On Running shoes one of the fastest on the roads is now on the trails. It uses two layer upper for support and comfort and four distinct level of grip for the needed traction on the different trail surfaces.

On Running

The trail playground can give us a run on the cloud experience as we do get our share of the sea of clouds and majestic landscapes.  On Running shoes bring the run on cloud experience to your feet as you go up and down across all the different surface on the trails.  The Cloudtec technology gives you cushy feel on the landing and an added push for added speed on the road and trails.  3 variants of On’s trail specific shoes, Cloudventure is now available on local shores.

Cloudventure – SRP 7,650

Cloudventure is a ten ounce shoes, which is more on the lighter side for trail running shoes.  It’s equipped with 4 level of grip for stronger traction along the different trail surfaces.  With 6 mm heel to toe offset and a neutral feature, it gives the runner a better feel of the trail surfaces for faster reaction.  The Cloudventure has two layers of grip with the inner layer providing comfort and support while the outer layer provides breathability and made of water repellant material.  It uses the Cloudtec technology of On Running for softer landings and more explosive take offs.

Cloudventure Waterproof – SRP P8,250


Cloudventure Waterproof has all the features of the Cloudventure but made with more durable and waterproof materials.  It’s the same weight as the Cloudventure at 10 ounce and also uses the same four distinct grips for better traction.  The waterproof variant keeps you dry inside-out. It’s membrane is 100% water and windproof and physical, not chemically coated, meaning it does not wash out over time. This allows it to be highly stretchable, lighter overall and more breathable.  The cloud pods also provides an impact support for downhill running.

Cloudventure Peak – SRP 7.650

The Peak is the racing variant of the Cloudventure.  It’s lighter at just 9 ounce. It has a better fit and hold for faster reaction on the different trail surfaces.  The Peak also uses a speedboard to give a more explosive forward motion on the ascents. It keeps the feet protected like a Swiss army knife on your feet.  It’s a race ready shoes equipped with 4 distinct grip to keep you planted on the changing trail surfaces. The Cloudtec technology also makes it a stable shoes on the descent with a softer landing and a more powerful strides.

Grab your On Running Shoes

It’s time to run on clouds while you explore the mountains, the ridges and the trails with the Cloudventure series.  You can check them out at the following distributors below:

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