San Miguel Island Run (SMIR) 2018

San Miguel Island Run connects you to NATURE and make your own adventure by conquering the first ISLAND RUN IN THE CITY OF LOVE – TABACO CITY, ALBAY happening on June 16, 2018.

SMIR (San Miguel Island Run)

San Miguel Island is an island in the province of Albay, Philippines located at the western end of the strip of islands in the Lagonoy Gulf. The island is under the jurisdiction of the city of Tabaco, and comprises five barangays: Angas, Hacienda, Rawis, Sagurong and Visita. The main economic activities are farming, fishing, basket and mat weaving, and cattle raising.

The aforesaid strips of islands attracted tourists around the world because of their beauty. These islands are located between Albay and the Province of Catanduanes. There are several resorts on nearby islands such as the Misibis Bay Resort in Sto. Domingo, Albay, Pinamuntugan in Bacacay, Albay and Rapu-rapu group of islands, etc. From Tabaco City, the Natunawan Islet can be seen at the left side- it submerges during high tide.

On the island, there are narrow paved roads and trails connecting each barangays and ports. The majestic Mayon Volcano is quite visible from the eastern part of the island. Mt. Isarog, Mt. Masaraga, Mt. Asog and Mt. Malinao can likewise be seen on a clear sky.

Run for a Cause

This is an event of Team Kapulikat Multisports to generate funds for the construction and/repair of churches/chapels within the island, promotion of tourism, and access to clean water.

Donations given to or collected by the event but earmarked for the aforesaid causes will be audited and considered separate from the event cost and expenses.

Sponsorship by private individuals and LGU to cover the cost of putting up the event will be used solely for that particular purpose. Expenses may include an allocation to a reserve fund for next year’s race. Registration Fees will be used to cover the race inclusions and expenses. Excess thereof will go to charity.

The route preview

Race Details


Date, Time and Venue

  • Date: June 16, 2018 (Saturday)
  • Time: 05:00 AM
  • Venue: Brgy. Rawis, San Miguel Island, Tabaco, Albay

The Route

  • Start and Finish Lines shall be at Rawis, San Miguel Island. A combination of paved road, trails and sea shore from start to finish, a 360° of the entire island. We will update the website once race map available from Organizer.

Shirt and Medal

Below design are the preview of 42k and 12k Finishers Medal and Shirt.

42km Finisher Shirt 

12km Finisher Shirt

42km Finisher Mesh Cap

12km and 42km Finisher Medal design


Category and Registration Fees

42k or Harkor Category – Php 1,700.00
12k or Moana Category – Php 700.00


1. Click the link and fill out the online registration form to secure a slot/s, send the deposit slip to or Team Kapulikat FB Page. Please wait for a confirmation; once slot is confirmed, you may proceed with payment.


2. Bank deposit/transfer-
Acct. Name: Debra B. Nuada
Acct. No.: 652281700010

Palawan/Cebuana/MLhullier– Debra Nuada (receiver)

Registration/Payment Period is from April 8, 2018 – June 15, 2018 only.

Note:  For Inquiries and clarification, kindly message Team Kapulikat FB Page. You may send also a message to Regine Eina/Debz Nuada/Aster Templado/John RH Calisin personal facebook account for your concern.

Race Category & Inclusions

12k – Moana Category 
1. Environmental Fee
2. Race Bib
3. Event Drifit Tshirt
4. Finisher’s Medal
5. Finisher’s Certificate
6. Carboloading Dinner
7. Pre-race Breakfast
8. Post Race Snacks
9. Island Transfer

42k – Harkor Category
1. Environmental Fee
2. Race Bib
3. Carboloading Dinner
4. Breakfast
5. Post Run Meal
6. Finisher’s Medal
7. Finisher’s Shirt
8. Finisher’s Certificate
10. Island Transfer
11. Freebie- Trucker Cap

Prizes: Trophy and cash for podium finishers

Cut-off Time

42k -10 hrs.
12k – 3.5 hrs.


Kindly check and bring the Standard Mandatory requirements as follows;

a. 1.5 L Hydration bottle/vest (42k runners) & any bottle (12k runners)
b. Headlight (42k runners)
c. Whistle (12k & 42k runners)
d. Small size trash bag (12k & 42k runners)
e. Personal/prescription medicines like paracetamol, ibuprofen, portable inhaler, antihistamines, Epipen, epeniprine shots,doctor’s prescription, and health insurance card (i.e. Intellicare, Value Care), if any, in case of emergency. These medicines might not be on-hand, and there are no hospitals and drug stores in the island. Moreover, accredited hospitals are located in Tabaco City and nearby areas.

NOTE: 3 AM is the Assembly, gear checking, baggage deposit & breakfast.


Orientation, Carboloading Dinner & Socials: At 4 PM (June 15) – Orientation, boodle fight carboloading dinner and socials. There will be music, lights, bonfire, San Miguel Beers and sharing.
Lights out at 9 PM.

Race Rules and Regulations:

1. No medical certificate and waiver, no run. Please indicate a legitimate emergency contact person.

2. Bib shall be on plain view or is visible to the eyes of the marshals and organizers; it shall be attached to the front of the t-shirt or vest. The stabs for the medal, finisher shirt, baggage, meal are attached to the race bib- make sure you keep these until you finish the race in order to claim the same.

3. Baggage Deposit- Upon gear check at 3 AM, you may deposit your bags at a designated area. Make sure you bring with you your important and valuable items. The organizers shall not be liable for lost of or damage to valuables such as, but not limited to cellphones, laptops, gps watches and the like.

4. Single file policy on narrow- uphill roads and curves as there are habal-habal motorcycles in the area.

5. The phone’s signal is poor or lacking at most areas. Run in pack or call the attention marshals to relay your concerns. We will provide as many marshals as possible.

6. Whistle Policy- Runners are highly advised to use their whistle especially at intersections and curves to serve as notice and signal to habal habal motorcycles traversing the same road.

7. Support crew- Support vehicle, 4 wheels and 3 wheels, are prohibited considering the nature of the route which are either narrow or passable merely on foot.

Nevertheless, there will be specific areas or camps where support crews may position, as follows:

(*To be updated)

CAMP 1 (KM ***) – Brgy. Angas
CAMP 2 (KM ***) – Sitio Malictay
CAMP 3 (KM ***) – Brgy. Hacienda

8. It is the responsibility of the runners to inform their support crew of these rules and regulations.

9. Leave No Trace Policy- The reason why runners are required to bring trash bags is to preserve and maintain the cleanliness of the place. It likewise follows that everyone is prohibited from picking flowers, plants and animals of any kind.

10. Bring your own water bottle as there will be no drinking cups to be provided at food stations. This is to prevent plastic waste.

11. Emergency- Runners must listen to their body. When you feel ill, nauseated, short of breath, ‘pulikat’ or anything that tells you something is wrong, please tell your co-runners/pacers or the nearest marshal about it. The marshal-medic shall proceed what he may deem appropriate having in mind the runner’s best interest. For cases requiring immediate medical attention, our coast guards will be waiting at designated ports for immediate transfer to the City Hospital via speedboat and then, City Ambulance.

12. Cheaters Wall Policy, Violations of these Provisions & Protest- Every runner is deputized with the authority to call the attention of organizers and marshals upon witnessing a case of cheating and violations, such as but not limited to act of ninjas and bandits. The complainant-runner shall be required by the marshal to write, on a piece of official paper provided to him, his complaint with his signature thereon; the marshal shall likewise write his signature on the complaint and the same shall be considered as his report to be then submitted to the Registration Committee.

The Registration Committee upon receipt of such Report/Protest shall discuss the same with the Team en banc. The en banc decision, signed by all, shall be made before the awarding. The complaint, report and decision shall be confidential. A proper action shall be made against anyone liable for the disclosure of the latter, unless there will be a legitimate nationwide memorandum coming from a national team of marathoners or board of race directors requiring the list of said violators/cheaters.

The runner-violator shall not, in any case during the race, be stopped at any point; he shall be allowed to finish as he is presumed innocent until the proper investigation has been made and his guilt is proved.

Decision of the Organizers shall be based on the object and documentary evidence presented. Said Decision shall be final and irrevocable.

13. Smile, greet and be compassionate- You are running in the Happy Island, have fun!

14. Registration fee is non-refundable.

15. Organizers have the right to change, alter or modify the rules and regulations without immediate notice. However, any modification shall be posted in our FB Team Kapulikat and event page and the same shall serve as notice.


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