Speedgoat Challenger – Completed

Gun Start – Photo by Glairold Recella

Speedgoat Challenger brought more than 600 runners of all ages to feel and appreciate the trails of Timberland Heights and San Mateo last March 17, 2019. The Challenger was completed and runners went on to show grit and character in the race.

Speedgoat Challenger

RD Otep Sibal at the race briefing. Photo by Glairold Recella

It takes a village to mount an event like Speedgoat Challenger. Let’s start with thanking our sponsors. Hoka One One was such a generous sponsor that they didn’t hold back in terms of prizes and race supports. Timberland Heights and the Glades were our venue sponsor and we thank them for not only giving us a staging venue but letting us use their whole trail ecosystem. The same goes to the municipality of San Mateo. Then we have Timberland Sports and Nature Club and 2430 Skies Hotel as Hotel Partner. Speedgoat Challenger is also supported by BBG Events, Active Pinas, Amihan, Runnr, Peanut Better, Garmin, Goorahna, My Run Time, Lightwater, Vitamin Boost, Omega Fitness, Emco Musli with Pinoy Trails as Media and Marketing Partner.

Our hardworking marshals Photo by Glairold Recella

Of course, we have our event and route marshals who assisted during the event. Active Pinas and Glairold Recella were our event photographers and we have Abby and Jervis and Spektra productions as our videographers.

Speedgoat Challenger is also happy to add some innovations like having race day insurance, increasing the number of available portalets, and premium race meal from TSNC. We hope to provided more value added features in the next challenges.

The Race

RD Noy manning the race route – Photo by Glairold Recella

Go Everywhere, Run Everything was the mantra of Speedgoat Challenger as is the tag line of its top selling shoe counterpart Hoka One One Speedgoat. The Timberland trails provided a run-able route with varying surface and terrain. The 21K runners had a full course route with two waterfalls, a pine-rich area and the scenic table top. The 12K runners enjoyed the trails of Timberland with some even getting “bonus kilometers.” The 8K runners enjoyed a newbie friendly race route rich with views and a little bit of climbing adventure. The kids also joined the fun with a short but intense 3K loop at the Greenzone.

Speedgoat Challenger is not our story to tell but each one of the runners had a different adventure. Whether you’re a newbie runners getting initiated on the trail, a seasoned athlete chasing your personal goals or even a novice who got more of their expected challenge but still held on for the finish, you all are winners in our book. If that passion for the trails and outdoors got sparked, that’s a win in our book.

Race Results

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Race in Photos

For now let’s have the photos tell us the story of Speedgoat Challenger. Photos from Glairold Recella (GR) and Active Pinas (AP).

Kids at Play – Photo by GR
Hi Marline! – Photo by GR
It’s getting hot in here. – Photo by AP
Focus – Photo by AP
Idol Icar having fun – Photo by AP
Kit Claiming – Photo by GR
Chuwie and his Hooman – Photo by AP
Trail Crushie Maica – Photo by AP
Madam Princess – Photo by AP
Kids Champ – Photo by AP
Great Job Medics. – Photo by AP
Kiddie Run was such an intense race. – Photo by GR
Fritz – Photo by GR
Master Pua – Photo by GR
Hey Spidey! – Photo by GR
Run Alodia Run! – Photo by G
Trinity – Photo by GR
Rovilison! – Photo by GR
Mr. PF! – Photo by GR
Datu Puti yung nasa Aid Station – Photo by G
Having Fun. – Photo by GR
Malayo pa ba? – Photo by G
Wait for me! – Photo by GR
Hoka Boy – Photo by GR
I love the trails – Photo by GR
To the Falls – Photo by AP
Peace – Photo by AP
Best in Headwear – Photo by AP
Ang Init!!! – Photo by AP
Isa pang loop. – Photo by AP
Ngiting patapos na ang assault. – Photo by AP
Konting Push na lang Te’ – Photo by AP
Ano ba tong pinasok ko? – Photo by AP
Trail Chick – Photo by AP
Asan na si Cras? – Photo by AP
Hello Amor! – Photo by AP.
Hello Ms S! – Photo by AP
Hya-cinth – Photo by AP
Good job Sheryll – Photo by AP
Ok ba mga race nyo? – Photo by AP
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