Trail Talk With Ahon

Ahon is a home grown brand. They have a strong presence in the local trail community and an emerging presence in international races.  They are a passionate bunch and they’ve come up with a series of Trail Talks.  Pinoy Trails is co-hosting Trail Talk with Ahon on November 30, 2016 at Maximus Athletes Shop Cafe, […]

Ahon Gaiters

Just a little bit of debris in your shoes can really change the whole trail experience. Mud, sand, soil, leaves, rocks, twigs and other debris can really cause discomfort once they enter your shoes. Ahon Gaiters can really keep yourself protected on the trail. Ahon.PH Gaiters There is no doubt that trail running is getting […]

Ahon Socks

The trail is a totally different playground and having the right socks can make a different.  Even a tiny blister can be a big discomfort throughout the uneven and varying surfaces.  Ahon Trail Socks is designed for the rigors of trails made by the people who hit the trails regularly. Ahon Trail Socks It’s a […]