Cordillera Mountain Ultra 2018

Cordillera Mountain Ultra (CMU) is one of the more scenic trail ultras in the country. Runners  get to be visually enticed by Cordillera Mountain Range in full view.  The 24K category will showcase a high perspective of Agno River.  CMU is among the first to offer the lung-busting Vertical Race and the family friendly kids […]

Race Report: Cordillera Mountain Run (22k) 2017

The beautiful Cordillera Mountain Range gave Ultramarathoner Mike Famaranglas a reason to run despite his Achilles Tendonitis Injury.  With a Slower Pace, he got a better appreciation of the beauty of the Cordillera. Cordillera Mountain Ultra The Cordillera Mountain Ultra (CMU) is one of the prestigious ultra trail run events that I’ve been expecting and […]

Cordillera Mountain Ultra 2017

Cordillera Mountain Ultra is a showcase of the beautiful Cordillera Mountain Range.  It offers a 50 kilometer distance that takes you to the peak of Mount Ugo, a scenic yet challenging 22 kilometer run, a first of its kind Vertical Kilometer and a family-friendly kiddie trail run.  Race day is on March 4-5, 2017 at […]