DBB Challenge 2017

  DBB Challenge 2017 dares you with a vertical run to the clouds of Mount Batolusong for its uphill challenge on September 10, 2017.  The DBB Downhill Challenge lets you blitz the Mapatag Plateau of Mount Batolusong on September 9, 2017.  That’s 4K worth of adrenaline rush that will both challenge your climbing skills and […]

Race Report: DBB Mountain Rockstar 2017

DBB Mountain Rockstar was an epic adventure.  It was a difficult trail that came with the rain, the sun, the unending elevation ascents and the technical descents.  The journey of a rockstar is never easy but it’s always worth the adventure. DBB Mountain Rockstar Stay a bit at the finish line after DBB Mountain Rockstar […]

DBB Mountain Rockstar 2017

DBB Mountain Rockstar 2017 features Mount Batolusong and its nearby peaks.  It’s gonna give you some huff and puff moments but the beauty of the trail will also keep you mesmerized.  The race features a newbie-friendly 12-kilometer distance, a 25-kilometer distance and a 50 and 80 kilometers Ultra Distance.  Race day is on April 9, […]

Mount Batolusong 50km Mountain Run

Mt. Batolusong Mountain Run is one of the more challenging trail runs with several mountain peaks to conquer.  Tin Salazar shares her Mount Batulusong 50 Kilometer Trail Experience. Mount Batolusong Mountain Run DBB Mountain Rockstar Trail Run is part of MGM Trail Running Series with 12 Km race, 25 Km race and the main event, […]