Race Report: King of the Mountain (OST and FL)

King of the Mountain trail series have challenged trail runners into a step ladder journey in Mount Ugo via Kayapa, Nueva Viscaya.  The first leg had runners venturing the mountains on a half and full marathon via Mount Ugo Marathon.  The second leg is a 50 kilometer Old Spanish Trail and a 100 kilometer Four […]

Race Report: Pilipinas Akyathlon 2017

JC Igos got the impulse in joining the Pilipinas Akyathlon upon seeing the event in Facebook.  It’s a whole new level for him as it’s a skyrunning event and it’s located in one of the tallest peaks in the country, which is Mount Ugo. Operation Akyathlon Mount Ugo is among the highest peaks in the […]

Cordillera Mountain Ultra 2017

Cordillera Mountain Ultra is a showcase of the beautiful Cordillera Mountain Range.  It offers a 50 kilometer distance that takes you to the peak of Mount Ugo, a scenic yet challenging 22 kilometer run, a first of its kind Vertical Kilometer and a family-friendly kiddie trail run.  Race day is on March 4-5, 2017 at […]

Mount Ugo Marathon 2017

Mount Ugo Marathon gives you a scenic and challenging trail marathon to add to your 2017 bucket list.  It’s a race to the peak at 2,170 MASL come February 19, 2017 starting from Kayapa, Nueva Viscaya. Mount Ugo Marathon When road marathons feel like routine already, maybe it’s time to try the mountains. How about […]