Mount Kalugong and Yangbo (La Trinidad, Benguet)

Mount Kalugong and Mount Yangbo is a two in one climb with two distinct identities. Mount Kalugong has several rock formations while Mount Yangbo has wide open green open field on top. Both gives you a splendid view of La Trinidad Valley. #TaleOfTheTrail Mount Kalugong and Mount Yangbo (Jumbo) are two mountain trails in La […]

Mount Makiling (Los Banos, Laguna)

Mount Makiling is moderate climb until you reach the last 1.3 kilometers heading to the summit.  It transforms as a really steep and technical trail that’s really gonna challenge your navigation skills.  It comes with a really nice journey with the rich forest reserve of Los Banos. #TaleOfTheTrail   Mount Makiling is an enchanting place.  […]

Mount Kinabalu (Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia)

Mt. Kinabalu is one of the tallest peaks in Asia at 4,095 meters above sea level.  It’s a two day climb that’s gonna test your limits, fears, inhibitions and even sanity. It’s a beautiful trail with each step leading you to Mt. Kinabalu’s out of this world view at the summit. Kota Kinabalu Mount Kinabalu […]

Mount Batulao (Nasugbu Batangas)

“Mount Batulao is a common hike for beginners.  It’s not an easy trail though as you’ll have several steep peaks to ascend as well as go through various surfaces from soft soils, to grassy lands and rocky paths.  You’ll have to go some technical climbs along steep terrains and endure the scorching hot sun that’s […]