Mt. Sembrano Mountain Run 2018

Mount Sembrano Mountain Run 2018 brings you both a challenging and scenic route of Pililia, RIzal.  While it comes with steep ascent, you get to enjoy a lot of ridge running with overlooking Pililia and Laguna De Bay.  Get challenged by the 15K and 32K distance on March 18, 2018. Mount Sembrano Mount Sembrano offers […]

Mount Sembrano Mountain Run

Date: May 29, 2016 Venue: Mount Sembrano, Malaya, Pililia, Rizal Distance: 15 km Organizer: MGM Productions Mount Sembrano Mountain Run was just epic.  It had a long uphill climb that was both technical and steep.  The reward after a long climb was a really magnificent view of Mount Sembrano summit and the rest of Pililia […]