#TaleOfTheTrail Mafate Mudfest

Mafate Mudfest

Mafate Mudfest is upon us and here’s a #TaleOfTheTrail view of the race maps for the race on August 25, 2019.

Tale of The Mafate Mudfest Trail

Each time you hit the trail is always a different experience. There are so many variables when it comes to trail running like the weather, the changing terrains and even your own fitness level. Mafate Mudfest gives you a different route and feel from previous races and events. Here’s a detailed look on what to expect on the different race routes on August 25, 2019.

24K Race Route

Mafate Mudfest 24K Route

Download: MM 24K Route

The route starts at Timberland’s spine road and heads straight to the Timberland waterfalls area. This is about 1.5 kilometers of descending route. The challenging part starts after the falls. We’ll be using the first climb out of the trails leading to a lush green scenery.

Lush Green Routes
New Access Point from Waterfalls

This is a first time to access this route. This leads to series of sharp descents and steep climbs over the next 1.5 kilometer heading to the Table Top. This is a bit more technical and breathtaking access point to the Table Top. This would be a memorable one.

Table Top
Table Top

Table Top will always be a highlight but there are lot of different access points heading here. The race descends to Ka Vergel for the first aid station. 24K and 16K runners heads to the Maarat / Pestano Area. This is a moderately climbing route heading to the main road until kilometer 8.

Little Baguio
A Taste of Baguio in the Trails

There’s an aid station on the road before resuming the trail section before entering the 10th kilometer. It’s a smooth descend for the next 1.5 kilometers before going on another climb heading to the 12th kilometer. The trails then heads over a steep descent to the 14th kilometer at Pintong Bukawe. After the long descent comes the climbs back to Timberland Base 2 over the next 3 kilometers. The next aid station is located at Timberland Base 2.

Roxas Loop
Roxas Loop

The trails then go to Roxas loop, which is mostly ascent. Roxas loop is a mixed of paved roads and uphill trails. At Kilometer 19, the route goes to the upper part of Roxas Loop. This means more climbs and a scenic vantage point overlooking the Glades. Black Diamond starts at Kilometer 20 with 2 kilometers of descent and 2 kilometers of climbs towards the finish line.

16K Race Route

16K Mafate Mudfest Route

Download: MM 16K Route

The 16K Mafate Mudfest Route is the same with the first 10K of the 24K route. It descends to the falls for the first 1.5 kilometers. It’s followed by a deep assault for the next 1.5 kilometers to Table Top. The trail heads to Ka Vergel for the Aid Station. It then heads to Maarat, Pestano and the main road heading back to the the lower trails at kilometer 10.

Sharp descents
Sharp descents

The 16K runners takes the trail on the left heading to Timberland Base 2. The 24K runners descend further to the Pintong Bukawe trail at around the 10th kilometer. It’s a slow descent for the next 1.5 kilometers before climbing again for the next kilometer heading to Timberland Base 2 Aid Station.

Unlimited views
Views unlimited

The 16K route takes the same route at Roxas Loop until the Black Diamond Area at Kilometer 15. The runners takes the access point leading to the Glades and the finish line.

8K Race Route

8K Mafate Mudfest Route

Download: MM 8K Route

The 8K route takes the same routed heading to Ka Vergel Aid Station at around 3.5 kilmeters. The race then heads to directly to Timberland Base 2 using the inner trails.

Timberland Falls
Timberland Falls

From Base 2, the race heads to Roas Loop until the Black Diamond area at Kilometer 7. The runners then takes the trail access heading to the Glades and finish line.

3K Kids Route

3K Mafate Mudfest Route

Download: MM Kids 3K Route

The kids enter the descending spine road and heads to the chapel and basic trail. The kids the has a short out and back before heading to the finish.

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