Top 10 Pinoy Trails Hugot Volume 1

A lot goes on when we go to the mountains and trails.  We get to appreciate the scenery, enjoy the fresher air, get challenged by the elevation and get to dig on deeper thoughts for those Hugot moments.  Our team summarized the top 10 Pinoy Trails Hugot submitted to us.

Pinoy Trails Hugot

We’ve been featuring Hugot Post submitted to us.  That’s what Pinoy Trails is all about. It’s an avenue for Trail Runners and Mountaineers to share everything and anything about the trails including those witty, sarcastic, truthful and thought-provoking #PinoyTrailsHugot . Why do we “Hugot” in the trails? For one, the trail is therapeutic.  We get to have a better appreciation of the things around us and we get to de-stress from our everyday worries.  We get physically and mentally challenge in the trails and we have to dig deep, in tagalog, “Hugot.”  The trail is an outlet and we end up feeling better every time we get to enjoy it.

Here are the top 10 Pinoy Trails Hugot as summarized by our team.

  • 10 – We do have a lot of lover boys in the trails

  • 9 – Let’s Play Hide and Seek

  • 8 – Don’t be Foolish, You Deserve More

  • 7  – Please Be Careful… With My Heart

  • 6. Time to Move ON!!!

  • 5 – The Fast and the so Not Furious

  • 4 – Don’t Leave Me

  • 3 – Fight!!!

  • 2 – Running Away From You

  • 1 – Please Don’t Hang Out Here!

So how about you? What’s your Pinoy Trails Hugot?

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Post Author: Franc Ramon

Franc Ramon is a Marathoner, Mountaineer and a Duathlete. He has adopted the fitness lifestyle since mid-2010 and loves sharing them in his personal blog . While he's not on the trails, the road or on an adventure, he spends his time in the finance field.

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