Trail Chick Maica Reports: Run 2 Me

Run 2 Me
Trail Chick

Trail Chick Maica is back as she runs Run 2 Me, which is her longest run to date. 

Run 2 Me

21km? No, it feels like I’ve run a full marathon! 27km and more! ? ? I remembered registering in a 21km race, however, it turned out to be more than that. Who would have thought that I would be running that long? Haha.

It was still dark when the run started and ended up at noon time while the sun shined so bright. Imagine the heat we have experienced. The trail was very challenging to the point kamuntik na akong paiyakin ng run na ito because why not? I expected 21k. Lols. ? Extreme heat, unli upHELL and downHELL, muddy trails. Idagdag mo pa ang mga baka, nanghahabol na baboy at kabayong nakaharang sa trails! LOL. But the view up in the mountains was beautiful. Hope I was able to stay much longer and enjoy the view.

It was a Struggle

A smile despite the struggles

I was experiencing muscle pain already. I thought I would be running 2km more, but no, it was 8km more! HAHA. Some runners got cramps, slipped, tired, got dizzy, and as I said to one of the runners, “Susuka pero hindi susuko!”

As we were nearing the finish line, we were becoming short of time. So, with my co-runners, we pushed a little more and said “Konti na lang! Aabot yan!” and we did! Yey!

But this is for Master Lao’s birthday ? (Happy Birthday, Master Lao!) and I consider this as a revenge because pasok sa cut off, sister! ?? My longest run, so far! ?

Casili Bridge

Casili Bridge

Plus, I got to visit again the Casili Bridge. This is also one of the reasons why I joined the run. SMART Mountaineering Club, which I am proud to be part of, has helped in building the Casili bridge for the whole community of Casili especially for the children. Students used to swim across the river just to go to school, but now, thanks for the bridge because it is safer for them to go to school. ✨

Congrats to the organizers and all the marshalls for a successful event! Pampered kami sa mga AS and the marshalls were energetic pushing us to finish the race! Busog sa mga pagkain and todo alaga! Good job! ??

Thanks also Team SMART Mountaineering Club and Samahang Mananakbo ng SMART for joining the race! This is one for the books! Congratulations!

Maica proudly wearing her Amihan Vest
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