Trail Talk with Trail Junkie

Trail Talk with Trail Junkie

TRAIL TALK (Trail Running 101) is an initiative event created by UPNR (UP Night Runners) in cooperation with Pinoy Trails. The talk is to stimulate real and live discussion of  trail athlete about key topics related to actual race experience serving as technique and guideline to aspiring Athlete.

On the fourth Leg for month of January, it was sponsored by Trail Junkie PH headed by Ms. Dio Cerujano together with some of the most successful and well-known experience Ultra trail runner in the Philippines. This is a free event but exclusively open to members of Pinoy Trails Community (Facebook Group) and UPNR Members.


Trail Junkie PH talks about Trail

The fourth live edition of Trail Talk tackled about Transition from Road to trail Running and how to gear-up properly yet still hip on trails. We got the best resource speakers for the trail topics. The January speakers are all certified hardcore Ultra Trail Marathoner and Trail Champions who finished some of the hardest trail races here in the Philippines and abroad. Two of the most innovative and humble trail athlete of south area, Ms. Daphne Codilla and Mr. Marvin Evasco.

The Trail Talk initiated by opening remarks by one of the founders and owners of Trail Junkie PH, Ms. Dio Cejurano. She gives insight and short background on how the TJ started and conceptualized.

The Trail Talk also served as perfect avenue for introducing new products from sponsored Brand like new line up on Trail junkie cap or sweatbands, UPNR merchandise as well as Pinoy Trails Merch. Some Race organizers also get involved because some of them attended and had their own onsite registration for their respective trail events. But due to unfortunate reason, only Team Conquer attended the event.

The new product design of Trail junkie PH

new Trail Junkie’s Sweatband

Trail Junkie “Solid” Cap

The onsite registration for Team Conquer races

Trail Talk by Marvin

The Ultra Trail athlete and Laguna boy Mr. Marvin Evasco was the first resource speaker.
He is known for his countless achievements in Trail running as well as Road races. Despite being a MILO Qualifier for numerous time, he remains humble, cool and disciplined.

He talks about all important gear needed for a certain trail event. He elaborated every single usage of windbreaker, gaiters, trail sock, shoes, cap, buff, and short. He emphasize the value of each mandatory gears yet look cool during trail races.

Trail Talk by Daphne 

Daphne Codilla popularly known as “Dapdap”. She is one among the favorite faces in Pinoy Trail Running Community due to friendly personality. Aside from her captivating dimples, she proved that women is as stronger as men in the field of mountain Running. For the record, she is as strong like the known male trail athletes in the trail running scene. One of the few runners who has labelled as Baddest Ass Finisher for CM50 (for being a finisher of 50-miler event 5x in a row) and a consistent Milo National Qualifier.

She figuratively discussed the important factors to consider on how to properly transfer from regular Road running to mountain Running. As a matter of fact, she showed her own personal data from the year she started running up to present time. Her best achievements from championship, to just finisher, to almost buzzer beater finisher and even DNF was showed.

Trail Talk is Experience-sharing Ideas

It was a very really fresh approach on trail discussion because it was from actual experiences which you can’t get from books or the net. Everything presented was based on actual experiences by trail athletes in numerous trail event.

Event closing part (Photo: Lala)

Awarding to Raffle Winner

Awarding to Guest Speakers

Trail Talk group photo

January Trail Running 101 is presented by Pinoy Trails & UP Night Runners with special collaboration from Trail Junkie PH. The organizers wishes to say thank you to all attendees for gracing the event and the guest speakers (Marvin & Dapdap) for imparting their knowledge and skills about Trail Running. We would also want to thank Management of Albert Hall c/o Dr. Grace Tesoro, Lightwater, VitaminBoost, Musli and Kay Reyes/Lala for Photos  for full photo coverage.

See you again next time for live edition Trail Talk. For comments and suggestion of the event, send us email at

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